Casino Website Design: What Attracts Gamers to the Top Online Casinos?

Date Created: Apr 12
Written by Jerico

Everything is now online. This is perhaps a statement you’ve read or heard countless times in recent years, and there is, in fact, some truth to it. Think about it. People now read news and novels online, buy or sell stuff online, talk to each other online, have business meetings online, stream TV shows online...the list goes on.

Another thing we used to enjoy only inside actual buildings in places like Las Vegas and Reno, but is now so prevalent online, is casino gaming. If in the past you had to save up a lot of money just to get the chance to see what’s inside a casino, now all you need to do is go online, which means the only money you need to save is the amount you want to wager.

If in the past you may have had to travel mile - perhaps even go on a flight - for the opportunity to play in a casino, now you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home. And as online casinos have become more successful and popular across the globe, we are also seeing more and more of the well-loved casino games getting online versions. Furthermore, more and more of those who enjoy going to casinos are now giving these online versions a chance since these are more convenient.

If you’re thinking of doing the same thing, then you’d probably want to learn more about what they have to offer. Here we will give you some tips and ideas on what attracts most gamers to the most popular online casinos and what you need to look for in an online casino.

What Draws the Crowd

Just like brick-and-mortar casinos, online casinos carry different themes and have different online casino games and services to offer. Here are some of the features that attract gamers to certain online casinos:

  • Welcome Bonuses - A lot of online casinos offer a one-off reward to first time players. For example, you might be given 200% of your initial deposit, provided that you meet the casino's wager requirements. Naturally, the bigger the bonus, the more attractive it is to gamers.
  • Huge Giveaways - Many casinos also offer giveaways not only to first time players, but to everyone who plays on their site. These giveaways can be anything from monetary bonuses to Caribbean cruises, and you could earn it any number of ways, which may include reaching the top of a leaderboard, landing special features on slots, or achieving certain levels in other games.
  • Exclusive Offers - In some instances, brick-and-mortar casino owners sign exclusive contracts with software developers so they can offer online versions of some of their most popular games. In these cases, the branded online games are offered exclusively on the developer’s platform. This seeming inaccessibility makes the games more attractive and encourages gamers to pay for membership in the websites offering them.
  • Missions - Some online casinos offer games where players are sent out on “missions” and get the chance to win significant payouts for every mission completed. The adventure involved, along with the promise of big payouts, are usually very effective in convincing gamers to give these games a try.
  • Achievements - There are also online casinos that offer games, where, instead of levels, each player’s goal is to go from one achievement to another. The higher the achievement reached, the bigger the payouts. A lot of gamers are attracted to this kind of game structure because it motivates them to keep reaching for the next level up.
  • Personalized Lobbies - Online casinos can have so many games that you might find it extremely difficult to find your favorite games every time you visit the site. This is why some online casinos offer such features as the ability to save games on your personal game lobby. This feature has certainly attracted a lot of gamers because it makes things so much easier when they log into their online casino accounts.
  • User-friendliness - As mentioned earlier, ease of navigation is one of the things people--whether casual gamers or serious, high-stakes players--look for in an online casino. In fact, it is one of the things people look for in any website. So when an online casino is easy to navigate and game instruction are easy to follow, more players will be drawn to the site.
  • Accessibility - When people choose to go online these days, they want to have the freedom to do so regardless of where they are. This is why a growing number of online casinos are making sure their games can effectively be played not only on a desktop or laptop computer, but also on tablets and mobile phones. The more platforms a casino can be accessed from, the more attractive it is to gamers worldwide.

Do you find these online casino features attractive as well? Other than the ones in the above list, what else should you be looking for in an online casino? You might want to take into consideration the top things that make a casino great.

Attractive Design - The design of an online casino is what drives a visitor’s first impression. And it can be quite challenging to choose a design that will be pleasing to as many people as possible. This is because not all gamers like the same things.

There are those who appreciate seeing the classic designs of Las Vegas casinos in online casinos as well. On the other hand, there are also those who want to see something more modern, more vibrant, more extraordinary. The best online casinos are the ones that have successfully achieved a balance.

Game Selection - Most casinos have a number of games that are popular and earn the biggest profits for them. Naturally, one would expect them to include all these games in the online version. But should these games be the only ones they offer online? Is it worth it to also have only versions of their lower earning games?

The answer is a resounding YES. If a casino is willing to spend money maintaining a less popular game in their brick-and-mortar location, it may also be well worth it to spend some money creating and maintaining an online version. In fact, there are a number of cases where the online version of a game actually became one of the biggest hits of the casino. Of course, the risk of a particular game not being worth the investment is always present, but the best casinos are those that are willing to take the risk.

Payment Options - It isn’t just a wide selection of games that online users appreciate, but also a good number of payment options. This is especially true if a casino is opening its website to a global audience. There are limitations to every payment option, and not all payment options are available in all parts of the world. A casino worth spending your money on is well aware of this fact and has structured their payment options accordingly.

One thing worth mentioning when talking about payment options is the acceptance of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is becoming more and more popular, so if an online casino wants to stand out and attract a wider audience, tweaking their platform to accept cryptocurrencies just might be well worth the effort. If you find an online casino that’s already doing this, then it might be worth your while to invest in that casino because they’re certainly sending the message that they do their best to address the needs of their audience.

Bonuses and Promotions - What casino has no bonuses and/or promotions to offer? Not one you’d want to spend any on, for sure. As mentioned in the previous list, bonuses and giveaways are among the most effective ways for a casino to attract gamers. You’ll know a casino is good if it has bonuses and promotions for all types of gamers.

Easy Withdrawals - It’s a plus for an online casino to offer a wide range of payment options, but their efforts at addressing gamers’ needs shouldn’t stop there. It is equally important for gamers to have the ability to easily withdraw their winnings.

Ask any casino player and he will be sure to tell you that he’d rather play in a casino with fewer games and fewer bonuses, but enables them to withdraw earnings within 10 minutes than one with a wider game selection and better bonuses, but take forever to withdraw winnings due to a mountain of paperwork involved.

The best online casinos are therefore those that adopt a hassle-free withdrawal process. They are well aware that the less hassle they put their gamers through, the more loyal those gamers will be to them.

Live Chat Support - No matter how easy to navigate a casino’s website is, or how simple the game instructions are, there is always the possibility of someone running into problems. These problems could be as simple as not being able to find a certain button to click, or as significant as a specific game feature not working on a player’s device.

Whatever the gamer’s problem is, the availability of real-time assistance will surely be appreciated. This is why player tend to keep returning to online casinos that offer 24/7 live chat support. The best online casinos not only offer live chat support, but also make sure that their chat support agents respond to queries in less than a minute.

So, now that we’ve given you an idea as to what you might want to look for when you’re deciding which online casinos to try, you’re probably ready to start browsing online. But before you do, we have a few reminders you would do well to heed.

Security and Safety

Before you make any deposit on a gambling website, be sure to check if they have a Privacy Policy. If they do, it wouldn’t hurt for you to read that policy and make sure you have a clear understanding of it. The more straightforward and easy to understand a Privacy Policy is, the better, because that is a sign that the casino isn’t trying to confuse you with big words so they can rip you off later.

You also have to make sure that the encryption services a casino uses is top-notch. After all, it is this service that protects the personal and financial details you provide on the website. And if there is anything at all in their Privacy Policy that you don’t understand, don’t hesitate to contact customer support and ask for clarification. They won’t take it against you. It is normal for people to carefully consider safety and security issues. After all, it is your private details that are on the line.

Responsible Gaming

Bear in mind that gaming is supposed to be fun, regardless of whether you’re actually betting money or just enjoying a free online game. It was never intended to become a source of income, or even a way to augment your income. It was never designed to be a money-making venture for players, although there is potential for winning big. It is called gaming because that is what it was always supposed to be--a game.

If you notice yourself getting carried away by any casino game, perhaps getting overly frustrated when you go on a losing streak or getting agitated when it takes a while to land a winning combination on the slots, we urge you to please seek help. Acknowledge that you have a problem and that you cannot solve it on your own. And then start looking for the right people to help you get out of the problematic cycle before it’s too late.


The growing number of online casinos can be both and advantage and a disadvantage. It is an advantage because it offers you options, but it can also be a disadvantage because the sheer number of options just might confuse you and make it difficult to choose. The choice can be made easier by having a clear understanding of what you find attractive in an online casino and what kind of features you consider non-negotiable.