Is Console Game Gambling the Next Step for Online Casinos?

Date Created: Apr 24
Written by Jerico

Online gambling as an industry is perpetually shifting and developing to become a new and more exciting platform for gambling enthusiasts. Mobile casinos, virtual reality, and augmented reality casino games are rapidly rising up the charts but consoles have also been making their mark as well.

While playing on a console, like an Xbox 1 or the PlayStation 4, casino games can be enjoyed thoroughly and it cannot be denied that there are thousands of people playing in this way. The casual gaming sector is huge and continues to grow on an everyday basis, letting people play their favorite casino games. Whereas initially, gamers could not spend nor win any real cash, technological advancements have changed all that, offering players the same thrill and opportunity to win big money as that of land-based casinos.

When the first online casinos appeared, not a lot of people could have ever imagined that online casino gaming would become such a popular and widespread sensation. Initially, people believed that online gambling would be a mere alternative to traditional gambling.

However, as time passed by, online casino games consistently became a lot more refined, featuring much-improved sounds and eye-popping graphics. In more ways than one, they developed to become more exciting to play with than conventional casino games. Live casino games were introduced and at that point, nothing could separate conventional casino games from online games, in terms of quality and player engagement, at least.

Not long after that, mobile casinos were introduced, and, again, many corners of the gambling community believed that mobile gambling was just a mere substitute for desktop gambling. But, because of the pervasive use of mobile devices, mobile gambling appears to be growing and is already on its way to leapfrogging desktop gambling.

Is Gambling on Consoles Better?

It does not come as a surprise that the next kind of device that gambling expanded to was gaming consoles. If it can be played on desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets, why not consoles? In addition, it appears that there seem to be advantages that can be had to playing casino games on game consoles.

  • A much better and immersive gaming experience, as the games are played on a bigger screen
  • Better control via the gamepad, which gives players a more realistic experience
  • A more comfortable atmosphere, as you can lean back against the sofa and enjoy the game

Gambling on Game Consoles is Not New

Gambling has been part of video games for quite a long time. As a matter of fact, research shows that it was there at the very beginning with popular and timeless games such as Casino Tycoon and Casino Mogul. In addition, gambling was featured in many other games where the main theme was different. You could gamble in the game “James Bond – The World Is Not Enough,” where the aim was to beat the dealer at Blackjack.

Moreover, it is also possible to gamble in a number of “Grand Theft Auto” sequels and in the now iconic, mobile football/soccer game New Star Soccer. And, of course, there is also the post-apocalyptic third-person game “Fallout,” where there is so much gambling, that at one point, it feels like that it is the most important and fun thing to do in the game.

Examples of Casino Games That are Available on Consoles

Aside from the ones that were mentioned above, there are casual casino games that have been available on consoles for several years now.

World Championship Poker

The game had a PS2 and a PS3 version and it raised the poker experience to a whole different level. Players had the opportunity to compete against other opponents and develop their own style of playing.

World Series of Poker: Tournament of Champions

This is a game similar to World Championship Poker. However, this one was developed for the now-defunct Nintendo Wii. In this game, you even had the option of making your own player and you could even give them your face, through Digimask. It was the ideal game for Nintendo owners who wanted to learn how to play poker or boost their game.

Vegas Games 2000

One of the classics, Vegas Games 2000 was launched during a time when online gambling wasn’t nearly as popular as it is now. This game is credited by hundreds of thousands of players as their “gateway” to the world of online gambling. A desktop game that gave players the chance to practice Roulette, Baccarat, Craps, Blackjack, this game made a lot of people feel like they were high-rollers without the real money, of course. These games are just several examples of casino games that can be played on game consoles. But there’s one minor problem, or major problem, depending on your preferences and expectations, and that is you can play for real money. But, rest assured, real money gambling is a feature that is available on consoles and we will discuss that in the section below.

Console Real Money Gambling

It did not take long for casino software developers and game developers to realize the potential gambling held especially with the number of game console owners who wanted to game with real money.

And with better-quality processors that the latest consoles have and their ability to instantly link up to the Internet, it is absolutely possible to gamble online on your console.

All you have to do is log in to an online casino website from your console and then start playing, just like you would if you were on your PC or smartphone. If you don’t have an account, then, all it takes are just a few minutes of logging in some personal information and voila you are good to go!

It sure won’t be long before companies begin developing real online casino games and apps made specifically for consoles. It won’t be long before everybody who’s a gambling enthusiast will be playing casino games on their consoles.

Where to Find Console Casino Games

Casino console gamers have their pick from a selection of playable casino games, including slot machines, online poker, blackjack and a variety of other familiar Las Vegas themed gambling oddities. While some casino games can be quite terribly made and make for poor player experience, others can be truly unique and enticing.

Before buying a casino game for your console, do due diligence and read the reviews of the most popular casino game titles. Generally, and rather obviously, it is always best to go with the best-reviewed game you can find.

Here are a few places where brilliant casino games are most likely to be found:

A Video Game Store – Perhaps the most expected of the options, actual brick-and-mortar video games stores, and even online ones are still the best bet for finding casino games for consoles. Because casino games are not as popular as the usual fantasy or sports-themed offerings, you can frequently pick them up for a steal by going through the bargain sections of the stores.

Online Game Stores – Each console features its own online game store. The Xbox has the Xbox Live Arcade, and PlayStation has its own official PlayStation Store. When you purchase a game through these stores, you download the game through the Internet, and therefore, never have to use a disc ever again. Because you do not have to deal with possible stock problems, you should always be able to find your game on either the Xbox Live Arcade or the PlayStation Store.

Take a look at 4 popular and entertaining console games currently on the market:

1) Pure Hold'em

Created by VooFoo Studios, Pure Hold'em is available on both Xbox and PlayStation consoles. Believed to be one of the best casino games available on the market today, Pure Hold'em is an online world where the goal is to play your way to riches. With full online multiplayer support, you can lounge around a virtual poker table and take on your friends in a tournament or join a random table and play with strangers. The entire game is basically a Texas Hold'em tournament where you go around from one table to the other as they degree of difficulty rises. You'll need to earn your way to tougher tables while playing like a pro in a virtual 3D world.

2) Fantasy Slots: Adventure Slots and Games

Exclusive only for the Wii, Fantasy Slots is a cartoonish game designed by Big John Games. While the Wii has already been bumped off the top of the Nintendo console hierarchy, thanks to the arrival of the Switch, these casino games have kept its popularity and remain a consistent choice among gamers. Awards and achievements are available to be won as players make their way through the many casino games available. There are multiple 5-reel slots waiting to be explored, six bonus games to test your limits, and more. There's also a high-roller suite that you can decorate and design to show off your casino skills!

3) Four Kings Casino and Slots

If the time and the opportunity to go to a brick-and-mortar casino eludes you, then the Four Kings Casino and Slots can somewhat make up for that. More than just a game with a singular aim, this game gives players the chance to become fully immersed in the concept of an online casino with this RPG creation. Produced by Digital Leisure Inc, Four Kings Casino and Slots is an MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game) that is available on both Xbox and PlayStation. You begin the game by making a virtual creator that includes clothing, facial features, and hairstyles. It's a really fun way to play your favorite games which include Texas Hold’em Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Bingo, Keno, Slots and so much more.

4) Prominence Poker

This popular RPG is available on Xbox, Steam for PC, and PlayStation and it concentrates on the darker, grungier side of casino gambling. Developed by 505 Games, you can elect to play Prominence Poker on your own in single player mode or with others in multiplayer mode. You once again have the opportunity to essentially build your own character; from facial features, hair, body tone, clothing, and so much more. This aspect of these kinds of casino games makes interactions and experiences more immersive and fulfilling. You can choose to make a virtual version of yourself or just use a unique persona in the game While playing Prominence Poker, you'll come across underground gambling rings, plus you'll have the chance to out-bluff the bad guys, and win big, all while playing poker.

What Does The Future Hold?

This is new ground for the gambling industry, one that will continue to expand without pause. Traditional gambling badly needed a jolt and it came in the form of online and mobile gambling. And now, here comes console game gambling.

The scope for the development of future titles is limitless. Games that offer improved graphics and more in-depth gameplay is the next natural step. There is also the possibility of blending together revolutionary technology and big brands. Would you get excited over a crossover involving celebrated console game titles such as Call of Duty, Mortal Kombat, Madden, and the 2K series?

Online gambling is already present on many different devices — from your desktops and laptops, all the way to your tablets and smartphones. While such a thing was virtually unheard of several years ago, mobile casinos are now flourishing, the number of mobile slots is constantly on the rise and Xbox Live and PlayStation Plus are already huge platforms.

Playing your favorite games with friends and following their gaming endeavors across multiple platforms is now widespread, so, why wouldn’t the next step be interactive online casino gaming on your consoles?

The future is oftentimes spoken of like it is eons away, but the reality is that it has already arrived; game console platforms are already offering gambling-related games and big-name developers, such as Konami, are already allocating resources to creating exciting gambling content. This only means that other game developers will most assuredly be following in their footsteps if they want to be part of the inevitable future, that is.

Will consoles one day allow players to consistently bet and win real cash? For now, we'll have to wait and see.