Punter Claims $100k After Correctly Betting on NHL Finals Winner

Date Created: Jun 20
Written by Jerico

USA - Scott Berry had so much faith in National Hockey League (NHL) team St. Louis Blues that he wagered $400 (£317) on them winning the Stanley Cup.

That kind of fandom made Berry $100,000 (£79,200) richer after the Blues defeated the Boston Bruins, 4-1, in the deciding Game 7 of the best-of-seven finals series.

Berry made the bet while on a work trip to Las Vegas in January of this year. During that time, the Blues were struggling to keep their heads above water and was scraping the bottom of the league. But Berry was unfazed, largely intrigued by the possibility of coming away with a six-figure payout.

It was as risky a bet as any as the Blues had never won the Stanley Cup in its 52-year history. Nevertheless, Berry was unwavering to have a flutter before he departed Vegas. He bet $400 on the Blues bet at 250-1 and $100 (£79) on the St. Louis Cardinals to win the World Series at 15-1.

As the team began improving, Berry’s bet looked more and more promising with each passing day. By February, they were out of last place and by March, they had already booked a slot in the playoffs.

By Game 6 of the finals, they were already considered the favorites to hoist the cup. Berry then began getting some offers to hedge on Propswap (a website that lets ticket holders swap or sell bets), from $20,000 (£15,800) to $75,000 (£59,400) when the Blues went up 3-2.

However, Berry turned down every single one and said in an interview, “You know it’s so funny, it’s like I never in a million years thought I would be watching a game where I either am a $100,000 victor or I’m walking away with my tail between my legs. But, I’ve got all faith in these guys, I still think they’re gonna do it, they’re a better road team so tonight’s gonna be an emotional roller coaster. You’ll probably see me in tears either way.”

Now Berry is $100,000 richer, all thanks to a long-range punt on his home team.

Knowing he wanted to back the St. Louis Blues to win the Stanley Cup, Berry tried a number of outlets, such as the Bellagio, which had the bet at odds of 150-1. Unable to come upon a better deal, he returned to the Paris Hotel, where he was staying, so he could take advantage of their 250-1 offering. Any other potential wins would have meant $40,000 (£31,700) less.