Sports Betting Moving Forward in US State of Montana

Dec 10

With the rules for implementation already established, sports betting in the United States of Montana is already moving forward now that the Montana Lottery has opened the application process for those that want to acquire sports betting licenses.

Businesses that want to offer Sports Bet Montana — which is the lottery’s new sports wagering product — can now submit their applications for a license to offer wagering on professional and college-level sporting events.

The Montana Lottery has already released the rules for sports betting earlier this month, which then opened the door for licensing to commence. Locations must fulfill particular requirements to apply. The rules mention that a location must have a proper alcohol license to allow gambling.

Speaking in general terms, this would technically be a bar or tavern. In the state, around 1,400 businesses would actually qualify to offer sports betting services. Interested parties may get the application forms on the Montana Lottery website.

Once businesses are sanctioned for licensing, the lottery would commence training across the state. This would then be followed by betting kiosks being put up at qualified locations. Gambling is only permitted at locations that have licensing. Players would be able to download an app through a mobile device to access betting lines. However, wagers would only be accepted inside a licensed location or kiosk.

When a mobile device is used, the app must recognize the location of the player before allowing wagers to be placed.

The Montana Lottery Commission gave the green light on the official rules for sports betting during a meeting on November 21. The rules document was 18 pages long. Officials announced the name of the services at that time, revealing the Sports Bet Montana moniker.

Part of the rules spoke of responsible gambling methods. Players can establish a deposit and spending amounts. Participants would also have time limits available to practice responsible betting. A list is also available for players to add their name if they wish to be excluded from producing an account for online sports betting.

It remains vague when wagering would start. Earlier in the year, the Montana Lottery projected that gaming would start before 2019 ended. But with the licensing process just beginning, it is highly unlikely that wagering would get off the ground before 2020.