Why Online Casinos Include Mobile Versions of Their Games

Date Created: Apr 23
Written by Jerico

These days, game developers place a substantial emphasis on creating games that are mobile friendly and have responsive features to casino players. Why is this so? It is particularly crucial for today’s gaming industry to not just cover conventional web platforms but also try to entice a new generation of players that prefer to use mobile devices such as smartphones.

Considering how popular and widespread smartphones and tablets are, it should come as no surprise that mobile casino apps are gaining a lot of steam. A lot of online players do not really have all-day access to their desktop computers so they tend to whip out their mobile devices and play their favorite games — be it roulette, blackjack or slots — anywhere they please.

Being able to play casino games on the go has an unbelievable potential to become the world’s primary form of gambling. Studies indicate that the number of players that are making the move to the mobile versions of their preferred operators is growing each day. Smartphones and tablets are being turned into powerful pieces of technology and it is only a matter of time that mobile will overwhelm computers, very much like online gambling did with its brick-and-mortar counterparts.

Online casinos for desktop play began emerging during the mid-1990s but it was only a few years ago that the very first mobile casino made its debut in the market. Over the past two years, developers have been scrambling to make sure they meet the increasing demand for mobile versions of their sites for smartphone and tablet users.

Despite the fact that mobile casinos have far fewer offerings compared to that of desktop sites, it’s fairly impressive the quickness with which game developers have optimized games for mobile with many players now choosing the ease and convenience of playing on a mobile device. While desktop casino continues to offer a wider selection of games, promotions and other gamer-friendly features, the number of mobile casino players continue to be on the rise, so the chances of mobile casinos becoming more popular than desktop are more likely in the future. Before we get in too deep into the topic, let’s backtrack a little and take a look at what a mobile casino is.

What is a Mobile Casino?

Playing in a mobile casino is a convenient way to play your favorite mobile casino games. This means you are not limited to being in front of your desktop, provided you have the time and of course, an Internet connection. A mobile real money casino will provide you the opportunity to play your preferred games for free and potentially even win big on them if you are able lucky enough to land the jackpot.

What are Mobile Apps?

Some online casinos will give you the chance to download a mobile app to play your chosen games on. By being able to use a mobile app, you can access things swiftly; just load the app from your device, a few taps here and there and you are good to go! The entire process takes less than a minute and voila, you are already spinning the roulette wheel, looking at your blackjack cards or landing a feature on your favorite online slot.

Mobile Casino Bonuses

The Free No Deposit Mobile Casino

Mobile casino bonuses are available in variable forms, with the free no deposit mobile casino bonus being one of the most prominent. When you take advantage of a bonus, make sure that you look for the best one available, and one that is more up to your betting style. Watch out for free bonus cash, free spins and many more when you are checking out the different mobile casinos for real money play.

When you get the bonus, you can spend it however you like; either play on the games you are already comfortable with and enjoy playing, or use it to explore and try out other games on offer that you have not given the time of day to. Using a mobile casino bonus to do this is a great idea, and you could find yourself playing games that you are quickly going to warm up to. This will give you even more options moving forward, which will enhance your overall gaming experience even further.


The phone casino could be played on your mobile device wherever your feet take you, while the online system could only be enjoyed with your laptop or on your PC. This is to say that when you have the desire to enjoy the games while on the go, the mobile casino is most definitely the best option. Because of the size of the phone, you can enjoy this even when you are walking on the road (not that we endorse doing this). There will not be any special preparations nor will there be any travel needed before you play. Simply take out your phone at any given time and enjoy yourself!

What are the Benefits and Drawbacks of Playing at a Mobile Casino?

1. More players are using mobile devices The many technological innovations and the pressure on operators to meet their clients’ demands for mobile responsiveness have impacted the degree and intensity with which mobile gaming has grown. This surge in popularity, therefore, begs the question: can we say that the future of online gambling is mobile?

To put things in proper perspective, the pervasiveness of Wi-Fi networks and the consistent adoption of mobile devices all throughout the four corners of the globe has indeed influenced the gambling market industry and changed not only the final consumer but providers and operators alike.

To better recognize the developments in mobile gambling, we have to realize that the industry cannot be separated from the multifaceted factors that influence our societies, such as the technological advances and the psychological changes that often occur when the scientific field crosses over to the world of entertainment.

But, how often are mobile devices used in online gambling?

Research shows that the average user picks up the mobile device more than 1,500 times a week and for most of us, using a mobile device has become second nature; like breathing if you will. More crucial to underscore, in order to support this point of view, is that in the not too distant future mobile platforms – like phones and tablets – will most likely render desktops obsolete.

2. Players prefer using mobile devices because of its convenience

The explosion of mobile gambling into the gaming industry has obviously made betting on your own smartphone way easier to do than waiting to get home to place bets on a desktop.

From a financial aspect, mobile technology proves to be decisive in better converting users. According to research, mobile players convert a lot faster into paying customers and they often also spend more time playing online.

Therefore, mobility and quick access to mobile gambling platforms have a substantial effect on players’ online behavior, raising the conversion speed and their online betting habits.

3. Access to betting options is immediate for players

The mobile revolution in the casino has helped create new platforms for players, pushing forward a new technological shift that has altered everything in the industry.

For example, in the past few years, the possibility of having immediate access to your favorite game and enjoy instant satisfaction from your betting session has changed the way operators and software providers approach gaming entertainment.

To provide players with better access to sophisticated casino entertainment, operators are now able to develop better casino games – mobile slots, table, and card games, poker, etc. – that are ideally adapted for the new mobile environment.

In addition, wireless networks, even in the most far-flung areas of the world, are now providing stable connections that let users gain admission to casino games that demand visual resources.

A solid infrastructure of broadband Internet connectivity, easy access to mobile applications and secure payments through a native banking system are some of the crucial factors that back this mobile evolution in the gaming industry.

But why do we love spending so much time on our mobile devices? At the end of the day, we have to understand that the devices that we have in our pockets, or even your hands right now, are convenient and practical to use. And since we are connected to them in such a meaningful manner, some even go as far to say that these are as much a part of our lives as breathing and eating.

It is expected that browser-based gambling will soon be superseded by the increasing number of players in the mobile gambling area, transmitting a change in mentality that will let operators offer a different online gaming experience, one that is crafted for the next generation of smartphones. 4. Mobile platforms offer a new gaming experience Offering betting options on a mobile platform necessitate a change of vision for operators. Though it may be considered that honing in on players with the same gaming content – yet adapted for various platforms – is somewhat identical, we need to realize that small differences exist between the browser-based experience and the mobile one. To truly create a distinct gaming experience and offer players a feeling that is unique to mobile, operators need to keep players linked with a variety of options, from live sporting events to virtual sports and mobile friendly casino games.

And that is not nearly enough even. To really keep a player locked in, operators need to deliver betting options specifically for the mobile gambling environment, while boosting overall quality with a right blend of crisp animations and eye-popping graphics.

And finally, to attract players and more importantly, retain them, suppliers and operators need to tailor the whole package and deliver intuitive betting experiences, real-time excitement, and suitable solutions.

5. Mobile gamers spend considerably more money than conventional desktop players

Since more and more people are using mobile devices, it is easier than ever for players to gain access to online gambling options through mobile devices, and as such, it not unusual to see mobile gamers converting faster than most web players.

Research indicates that mobile players have an almost double conversion rate than web players (1.9), they convert faster into paying customers, make more payments and trigger more betting sessions overall.

Mobile gaming is a fun and entertaining way to pass the time while potentially winning real money but the technology is fairly new, so as mobile’s potential and capability grows, there are drawbacks to playing at a mobile casino and these are: · The number of mobile games that are being offered is significantly fewer than desktop gaming · Some mobile casinos only offer a selection of the deposit options that can be found at their desktop site · Mobile live dealer gaming is rarely available and will usually require a fast 4G connection to enjoy all its features in real time · Some casino promotions are for games that aren’t yet mobile optimized, so you may miss out on great bonuses from time to time

What Does the Future Have in Store For Mobile Gaming?

With more gamers turning to their phones for real money gambling on the go, it’s crucial to remember that mobile casinos are still in development. Considering how far things have advanced in just a few number of years, it’s easy to imagine a day where mobile casinos are 100% at par with their desktop counterparts as far as game variations and features are concerned. As better wireless Internet connectivity with 4G begins to roll out to more and distant locations, we can also expect to see an increase in mobile live dealer casinos.

Another thing to be thrilled about the future of mobile casinos is that soon mobile play won’t be limited to just phones and tablets. Wearable technology like the Apple Watch, Google Glass and nascent virtual reality headsets are beginning to hit the market, offering all kinds of possibilities for the future of mobile gambling.