As an heir of the Elemental Masters, it is up to you to bring back the world of Kuros to its once stunning state by utilizing the powers of Wood, Fire, Water, Metal, and Aether. Make your way through layers of rock by matching Guardstones to reveal the mystery of the Glyphs. With 14 interactive objects, power-ups with three boost levels and 125 custom levels, Quest Mode will keep you engaged for many, many hours. Meanwhile, the Action Mode will test just how adept your skills and reflexes are with 130 additional levels to play.

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RELEASE DATE: June 22, 2006

PUBLISHER: Sandlot Games

DEVELOPER: Sandlot Games


Glyph is a game where you are tasked with saving a dying world by collecting ancient glyphs in this puzzle adventure of epic proportions. Bind the awesome powers of Wood, Fire, Water, Metal and Aether as you discover 255 dazzling levels on five different worlds. Help heal the land in Quest Mode and try Action Mode for an even tougher challenge. Kuros is in dire need of a hero; are you up to the challenge?

  • Save the world in Quest or Action mode
  • 255 custom levels in 5 unique environments
  • Assemble the Glyphs in unique bonus levels
  • 14 in-game artifacts assist in your journey


Glyph is a fun and easy-to-learn puzzler that’s suitable for casual players who are in search of a relaxing time-waster. It is amusing and entertaining on some levels and difficult and definitely stimulating as the levels progress. The task of uncovering the Glyph is enjoyable, and the graphics are rendered well. Players will no doubt be hooked with this type of game, with its nifty combination of dazzling aesthetics and challenging dynamics. Players are advised not to get too frustrated; it is not impossible to win, it just takes time. It is relaxing, yet addictive as most of these games are.


  • Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista
  • Pentium II 400Mhz or better (800 MHz Vista)
  • 64 MB System RAM (512 MB Vista)
  • 32 bit 3D Hardware Accelerated Video Card with 32MB Video RAM
  • Internet Explorer 5.0+, AOL 5,6 or MSN browsers
  • Direct-X 8.1 or above (9 Vista)
  • Keyboard & mouse required
  • Joystick and game pad are not supported