Iron Roses


Iron Roses is a 3D adventure game that features a rock-and-roll theme, in the "find objects, and use them on other objects" style. Players will enjoy hidden object and music-playing mini-games, along with a hint system that would keep them from getting stuck. Alex is behind on her rent and in dire need of a job. But, there is an upcoming battle of the bands. And if she can get the band back together, they just might just have a shot at making it to the big-time.

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RELEASE DATE: September 1, 2010

PUBLISHER: Sandlot Games

DEVELOPER: Sandlot Games


Sandlot Games brings to the gaming world the real story behind how Iron Roses became the world-famous band that they are today in this dynamic, entertaining and rock-rolling adventure game.

Alex's true passion in life has always been music, most especially the music of her former group called the Iron Roses. After an less than amicable split, her former bandmates went on their own paths while Alex jumped from one job to another, while still harboring dreams of one day making it big in the music world.

In this game, you can help Alex traverse a bustling urban landscape as she feverishly searches for her former bandmates and tries to convince them to enter the upcoming "Battle of the Bands." Help her find their lost equipment, interact with intriguing characters, and use all of your problem solving skills as you make the long, hard climb to the top!

  • Intriguing characters with fully voiced audio
  • Original music and songs by the band "Megasapien"
  • More than a dozen unique urban locations to discover
  • Solve dozens of mini-game activities along the way to stardom


Iron Roses features surprisingly high production values and a captivating plot for its gameplay. And while players might find that the story lacks some sort of resolution, the gameplay does pose a fair bit of a challenge even for veteran gamers. Even with the suitably snarky writing, it all ultimately unravels to reveal Iron Roses as a fun and highly amusing game.


  • OS: Windows XP/Vista
  • CPU: Pentium III 800MHz or better (1.0 GHz Vista)
  • RAM: 512 MB System RAM
  • Video: 128MB AGP Video card with Full DirectX 9 support
  • Audio: DirectX compatible sound card
  • Internet Explorer 5.0+, AOL 5,6 or MSN browsers
  • Direct-X 9c (10 Vista)
  • Keyboard & mouse required
  • Joystick and game pad are not supported