As Katya, an explorer stuck on the unknown world of Kuros, you’re in a bit of a high-pressure situation as someone has been tampering with the glyphstones that keep the world in balance, and you’re the only one who can restore them. Unfortunately, you’ve woken up with no idea of who you are, where you are, or what you’re supposed to be doing. Hope you’re a fast learner, or it’s the end of everything.

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RELEASE DATE: September 22, 2009

PUBLISHER: Sandlot Games

DEVELOPER: Sandlot Games


When Katya, an intrepid explorer who has no memory of her past, wakes up on Kuros, she finds an enigmatic alien world that is on the edge of chaos and destruction. Determined to find the broken pieces of her life, she sets out to explore her foreign environment in what is the adventure of her lifetime.

With the help of six strange allies, you can help Katya discover five elemental realms — Wood, Fire, Water, Metal, and Aether — and heal the mysterious glyphstones that govern the landscape. Gather quest-related hidden objects, cobble together useful items and power-ups, and solve puzzles to restore balance to this magical world. Discover the mysteries of Kuros today!

  • More than 25 unique locations in 5 magical realms
  • Over 30 mini-game puzzles
  • Over 100 hidden objects to be uncovered
  • 6 unique allies providing guidance in your quest


Kuros has challenging puzzles, stunning graphics, highly entertaining characters and passable voice acting. It’s an entertaining journey and the one drawback is that it’s over far, far too quickly.

If you’re a fan of puzzle games or of looking through every nook and cranny for hidden prizes, you’ll be done in just under three hours. Katya drops some heavy hints about a sequel, which players would most definitely look forward to. Kuros, as wonderfully made as it is, barely scratches the surface of its latent potential. You’re given a wand and a scepter, but hardly have to use them at all. Nevertheless, it’s a journey unlike any other, but it’s over before you can even get to the peak.


  • Windows XP/Vista
  • Pentium III 750MHz or better (1.0 GHz Vista)
  • 384 MB System RAM (512 MB Vista)
  • 64 MB AGP Video Card
  • DirectX®: 9 (10 Vista)
  • Keyboard & mouse required. Joystick and game pad are not supported