Demi Gods III Online Slot

Date Updated:26 May 2020 Written by Jerico

The third installment in the Demi Gods franchise is here. Spin to win with the help of your favorite Norse deities on this spectacular game from Spinomenal.

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Demi Gods III Online Slot Review

Progressive Jackpot: No

Provider: Spinomenal

Paylines: 50

Reels: 5

RTP: 96.2%

Return to Valhalla and mingle with Thor, Odin, and Loki as you spin the reels on this 5x4 slot machine from Spinomenal. The third installment of the popular Demi Gods franchise, this game is sure to keep you entertained for a while. Win big by triggering any of the nine Free Spins features, each one representing a territory in the realms of Norse mythology.

The game’s look is simple yet it’s as complex as they come. The background features the Yggdrasil, the Norse tree of life. It also features the 9 realms all around the tree and a cloudy sky. The game’s controls are located at the bottom of the screen, with the Play button in the middle, flanked by the Auto Play and Buy Feature buttons. The latter is a useful tool for you to use to automatically trigger any of the Free Spins, for a price, of course.

To the far left of the Spin button is the Bet field where you can increase or decrease your bet. Use the plus and minus symbols to lower your bet to .01 or raise it to 10. Maximum bet is 500 coins, which will give you a chance to win on any of the 50 lines that the game has for you. If you want to learn more about the game while you are on it, the question mark icon will give you the information you need.


Since the game is set in Norse mythology, you won’t be surprised to see some of your favorite Norse characters on the reels. As with most slot machine games, you will find that Demi Gods III also has low paying and high paying symbols. Low paying symbols are your standard top 5 playing card numbers from 10 to Ace. High paying symbols are five characters from Norse mythology, with Odin being the highest paying symbol in the bunch. You can also see Frigga, Thor, and Loki here.

The game also has special symbols that can help trigger bonus rounds and extra wins. These are the Wild symbol, which is a red gem in the middle of a silver intricate buckle, and the Win Multiplier, which is a flying crow carrying a multiplier up to x3. There is also the Bonus symbol, which will trigger any of the nine Free Spins round, and this is represented by Valknut in the middle of an intricate token of silver and light blue. The Valknut is a Norse symbol that consists of three interlocking triangles which is supposed to be the slain warrior’s knot.


This game has loads of Free Spins rounds for you to play, which are triggered by the appearance of three of the Bonus symbol on the reels. There are 9 of these, to be exact, and each one is named after one of the 9 realms of Valhalla. Each Free Spins round comes with special features that make them more fun to play and easier to win. Here are these 9 Free Spins realms you can try in this game:

Niflheim – This realm will give you reels with the Winning Symbols Respin feature. This means that every time you get a winning combination on the reels, these will stay put and will trigger a respin. Respins will continue as long as new winning symbols are added to your screen.

Muspelheim – For this free spins round, you get the Stacked Wild Respin feature. This means that when you get a stacked wild symbol on any of the reels, it will become a sticky wild and will trigger a respin. Respins will continue as long as stacked wilds appear on your reels.

Helheim – This realm has the Guaranteed Wins feature and this means that if a spin doesn’t give you a win, it will award you with a respin until you do get a winning combination on the screen.

Nidavellir – This Free Spins realm gives you the Extra Wild Feature. This will give you up to five Wild symbols on your reels as you spin, ensuring that you win big with every spin.

Alfheim – This realm has the Sticky Wilds feature. When a Wild symbol appears on your reels, it stays put until the end of the Free Spins round.

Vanaheim – For this stage, you get the Shifting Reels feature. This will have your reels move one reel down after every spin to complete a winning combination.

Jotunheim – This Free Spins round has the Expanding Wild feature, which means every Wild symbol that lands on your reels will expand to fill the entire reel, turning into a stacked wild.

Midgard – What you get with this world is the Synced Reels feature. This allows to side-by-side reels to spin in sync with one another to allow for bigger chances of winning.

Asgard – For this world, you get the Prize Box feature. Each spin on your reels will reward you with either a multiplier or more free spins, which you will see in the prize box to the upper right of the reels.