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Another online gaming provider that is headquartered in Isle of Man is this unique company named Red Tiger. This company is unique in the sense that it is filled with a talent pool that consists not only of software developers and graphic designers, but also of psychologists, audio engineers, and mathematicians. The team that runs Red Tiger also has gambling experts, quality assurance experts, and sales managers in its roster. A funny fact about Red Tiger is that while they do have an astounding pool of talent working for them, most of these professionals are not situated in their headquarters. In order to get the people who make up this company to agree to develop these games for them, the company had to let the members of their talented group work from where they live. In short, most of the members of the development and marketing team of Red Tiger are actually telecommuting.

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This strategy allows the company to utilize top talent without having to worry about not finding them where the company is situated. This also allowed Red Tiger to find highly skilled and talented members to help them create some of the best games online for them from anywhere in the globe. This remote working scheme has resulted in a huge success, with the company now having over 40 notable games that people can enjoy playing from the casinos that have them in their lineup.

More About Red Tiger

The company is licensed to operate in the UK by the UK Gambling Commission and by the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission. This gaming provider is well-known in countries all across Europe and in Asia, with their main goal being to provide gamers with enjoyable slots games. This has proven to be successful since they have some of the more enjoyable titles that can be found online.

The slot machine games that this company has on their list are mostly 5-reel video slot machines that come in a variety of themes. The most prevalent theme you will find that the company seems to favour is that of the orient since they have quite a few titles that feature this part of the world such as Golden Lotus, Jade Charms, Magic Gate, and Three Kingdoms, to mention just a few. Leprechauns and the luck of the Irish are also a favourite with titles such as Jack in a Pot and Rainbow Jackpots making the list.

Aside from slot machine games, Red Tiger also offers other casino games for players to win from. These include blackjack, roulette, and baccarat. One thing most players notice with the table games that this company offers is that the design is not cluttered. Games like roulette on this platform is also easy to follow with a game history window that lets you know which numbers won in previous draws. While they focus mostly on slot machine games, this developer and games provider is set to continue its meteoric rise in the ranks via more game choices in the future. This, coming from a gaming company that is a relative newcomer in the industry, having only been inaugurated in 2014, is impressive.

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