Play the Most Famous Progressive Jackpot Slots Online for Free

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If you have ever been to a real casino, then you’ll know what a progressive slot machine is. You may have seen people jumping up and down for joy after winning the jackpot at a progressive jackpot slot machine and there is a good reason for this. Winning at progressive jackpot slots online can be exhilarating when it happens to you in a casino and even when it happens to you online. Progressive slot machines are a favourite in casinos and are fast becoming one of the favourite machines online as well. This is because of the possibility of hitting it rich with a single pull on a machine. Imagine winning more than a hundred thousand dollars and even more than a million by simply playing on progressive jackpot slots online.

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What is a Progressive Jackpot Slot Machine?

A progressive jackpot slot machine is a machine that has a jackpot that increases in amount as people play it. The more people play, and the higher the bets people make on each spin, the bigger the jackpot prize becomes. It increases incrementally and returns to the base amount after someone wins the pot money. Once the prize money returns to its original amount, the jackpot begins to grow again with each bet that players make, and the cycle begins again.

Machines that have progressive jackpots become increasingly popular as the prize money grows. The bigger the amount, the more people want to play it, and the more people play it, the faster the amount grows. This continues until the prize money is won, and the machine’s popularity wanes until the pot grows once again and more people help it grow bigger faster.

Different Kinds of Progressive Jackpots

While a lot of people may believe that progressive jackpot machines are all the same, there are actually a few different kinds that you can choose to play. Here are the three general progressive jackpot slot machines you can find in casinos and online:

Standalone – as the name implies, these are machines that stand alone and only bets made on that specific machine help grow the jackpot on it.

Local – progressive jackpot slot machines that belong to this category are those that are interconnected with a few others just like it in the same area. In a physical casino setting, this means that a few machines of the same type are linked together and all the machines that are played by people on the floor that are linked to this progressive jackpot system stand a chance of winning the prize money.

Network – if a casino has branches all over the country, and even all over the world, the same kinds of machines in all of these outlets are linked together in a network that feeds the jackpot. When someone wins at this kind of a machine, the prize in all of the branches where this machine type is found reverts to its original amount. This is the kind of machine that gives out the biggest progressive jackpots around.

What are Your Chances of Winning Big on Progressive Slot Machines?

The odds of winning the prize pool on one of these machines can be very challenging but it is not impossible. A lot of people have found themselves, instant millionaires, simply because luck favoured them and rewarded them with the jackpot on a progressive slot machine. You should know however that the odds of winning on a progressive slot machine is similar to your chances of winning the lottery, albeit slightly better since you increase your chances the more you play.

Whether you are playing on a physical progressive slot machine in a casino or are trying to win the progressive slot jackpot online, your chances are generally the same. Your odds are the same but you have to remember that with network and online progressive jackpot slot machines, you are playing against more people. This means that someone might hit the jackpot before you do since more people have access to the same prize money with the same kind of machine.

These machines usually come with lower RTPs, however, there are some that do have a return to player percentages that are higher than 85%. The biggest prize money to have been awarded to a winner to date is £13 million. As tempting as this may sound, you should play this game without setting high expectations since the chances of hitting it rich with this kind of an online slot machine is not as big as you would hope.

Playing for Fun

If you don’t want to gamble with your money on these progressive slots, then you should try playing these games for free. There are slot machines that can be played without the need to actually use real money but still has the same fun and thrill you get with each pull. These progressive slots machines that you can play for fun may not make you instant millionaires in real life but the same adrenaline rush you get when you play these is still there.

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