Diamond Valley Online Slot

Date Updated:2 Oct 2019 Written by Jerico

Diamond Valley is a brilliantly designed wheel of fortune, which brings players back to the olden days of gold and diamond prospecting in the wild, wild West. You may come across any of the following quirky icons: Indian Chief, Bird, Diamond, Dollar sign, Treasure Chest, a Diamond Prospector, and a Lady.

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4.0/5 from 1 Votes
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Progressive Jackpot: Yes

Software: Playtech

Paylines: 5

Reels: 5

RTP: 97.16%

Playtech is seeking to bring players back to the basics in the online video slot entitled Diamond Valley. While it may initially appear to be a fairly cheap and cheerful game, there is no denying the tension in this online slot as it features a

progressive jackpot that players would most definitely be in the hunt for.

Diamond Valley gives players five reels and a mere five paylines to work with so this game actually has some things in common with a classic three-reel affair. Players would not be able to change the number of paylines to play with so it’s fair to warn players that there’s not much user interaction here.

And while Death Valley might be an unforgiving locale, Diamond Valley somehow looks like a fun holiday destination, especially with the cartoonish visual imagery in the game and the light pastel hues that cover most of the things that are seen in this game, delivering a friendly, warm touch that is pleasant to the eyes. Now, the graphics are rather fundamental, but you can see plenty of details in the background, especially behind the reels.

Cacti, vultures soaring in the sky, blazing hot sun and mountains in the distance, there is a lot for players to gawk at. The overall result is fun despite the overuse of purple tones and the fairly basic graphics.

Diamond Valley is challenging to pin down and box into a specific category. The theme is vague, the graphics low-key and the rewards very average. But the main attraction of Diamond Valley has to be the progressive jackpot, without which, players’ interest might wane very quickly. So keep that in mind before getting started on your trip across the desert.

Without the progressive jackpot, this would be rather a dreary slot but that big prize definitely makes it worth the time and effort of most punters. After all, if you don’t buy a ticket for lottery you’ll never win!


The symbols are a slightly unusual combination. Players are going to see a set of teeth, a burning bar, a snake coiled round a box, a purple bird, a dollar sign punctured with arrows and a giant diamond. The scatter symbol is a red jewel and there’s hand holding a purple jewel that triggers the feature.


Pit Mini-Game

Despite looking so graphically banal, this slot does, in fact, feature a mini-game and it’s triggered by landing three or more of the hand-holding-the-jewel symbols starting from the leftmost reel. You’ll now get to play a short game where you have to decide which unfortunate person to rescue from the pit. The one you rescue will be worth a particular amount of money.

Progressive Jackpot

This is probably the game’s biggest draw and there’s a constantly increasing jackpot that you can see scrolling along the top of the screen. The jackpot is won by landing five of the diamond symbols on payline five only and you’ll need to be playing with all five lines activated.