Fountain of Youth Online Slot

Date Updated:2 Oct 2019 Written by Jerico

The Fountain of Youth is a centuries-old legend that tells the tale of a spring that holds the power to restore the youth of anyone who drinks its waters or takes a bath in it. Many different civilizations have had various stories revolving around this mystical phenomenon and now, Playtech has designed a slot based on this myth.

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Progressive Jackpot: No

Software: Playtech

Paylines: 3

Reels: 3

RTP: 96.80%

Let us take a step back and move to an easier style of online slot experience with the Playtech game called Fountain of Youth. Truth be told, not everyone wants to play with five-reel slots that feature massive numbers of paylines and bonus features that at times, end up just clogging up the game’s playing experience.

This game is a nice, simple, three-reel and three-payline slot that would definitely remind players of the classic Las Vegas-style one-armed bandits.

All through history, the Fountain of Youth is a centuries-old legend which tells the story of a spring which would restore the youth of anyone who drinks its waters or bathes in it. Many different civilizations have spoken of stories revolving around this mystical phenomenon. This particular game developer has taken it upon itself to concoct a simple game that is based on this mythical place.

Fountain of Youth provides punters with a soothing vibe right from the moment you load up the game. The three reels are set against the backdrop of a verdant forest atmosphere. The fountain in this version is a literal fountain rather than a natural pool and brightly colored butterflies flit around the scene.

The background music adds to the atmosphere and is well worth leaving the sound on to experience the gentle sounds. Upon launching the game, you are greeted by the sounds of nature – birds tweeting and the sound of wind rustling leaves. Although these sounds play constantly in the background during your gameplay, it is not overbearing and complements the relaxing atmosphere that Fountain of Youth strives for.

The first thing to do when you start playing is to pick your stake. You can bet on one, two or three paylines so the stake in between the “-“ and “+” in the bottom left-hand corner should be multiplied by one, two or three depending on how many lines you’re selected. The “Bet One” button selects the number of paylines.

Oddly enough for a three-reel slot, there’s also an Autoplay feature where you can just click the small spanner in the top right-hand corner and select Autoplay to rest your clicking finger and let the machine do all the work.

Fans of the simpler slot would absolutely adore this game. It provides some charming graphics and a relaxing environment and it’s a slot you won’t want to leave.


There is no traditional Wild and Scatter symbols in this particular game. It is one of the simple slots that feature clear rules and easy for easy understanding for everyone. What punters would see though, are symbols of nice Bluebirds, fragrant Flowers, gorgeous Butterflies and lovely Frogs.


As the game is very basic in style and gameplay, there are no bonus features included. Unlike many other more modern slot games, no wild symbol option is provided either. Not only does this somewhat restrict the entertainment aspect of the game, as it would quickly become recurring, but it also restricts the chances you have of winning extra money on the bonus rounds, and on the wild card.

For players who enjoy a game that delivers diversity and uniqueness, this would not be the right option, but it is perfect for players who are just starting out and is looking to learn a little more about the basics of slots play, or for those players who enjoy a traditional gameplay experience.