Loot A Fruit Online Slot

Date Updated:12 Aug 2020 Written by Jerico

If you want to try a new kind of fruit machine, this game called Loot A Fruit from Spinomenal is definitely worth a try.

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Loot A Fruit Online Slot Review

Progressive Jackpot: No

Provider: Spinomenal

Paylines: NA

Reels: 4

RTP: 93.13%

Smiling oranges, grinning watermelons, and cheeky bananas are what you get when you play this four reel slot game from Spinomenal. Talk about taking fruit slot machines to another level since this takes them to a hilariously offbeat one. The game’s background doesn’t really do the game any justice since it is merely a blue ocean and sky but it does give the game a rather tropical flair.

The game is a simple one from Spinomenal, with a control panel split on both sides to make it easy to control by both mobile and PC gamers. Spin the reels by clicking on the Spin icon on the right side of the screen and launch Auto Play by holding this same button for a few seconds. Change your bet before spinning by clicking on the coins icon at the bottom of the Spin button and choose your wager from options that go as low as .2 and as high as 200 per spin.

If you want to know more about the game, the information button on the left of the screen can help. It’s the button with the gear icon on it. Want to turn sound on or off? The sound toggle button underneath the information button is what you should press. It’s the one with the speaker icon on it.


This fruit game has all fruit symbols on it, albeit not-so-conventional ones that you may find on classic fruit slots. This game’s fruits are cheeky, hilarious, and bordering on naughty. These include a grinning orange, smiling pear, music-loving lemons, and twin cherries taking a selfie. There is also a naughty banana, a sunbathing watermelon, and an angry coconut in a grass skirt.

This game, being as simple as it is, has no special symbols, unlike other slot games from this brand. These symbols are all you get with more of the same symbol on the reels giving you multipliers that increase your win exponentially, depending on which fruit appears on the reels. For example, if you get 12 of the orange on the reels, you get your bet multiplied by 30. If you get the coconut however, this is multiplied by 500. This means the coconut is the fruit that has the bigger prize.


This game doesn’t have a Scatter symbol or a Bonus symbol, which means it doesn’t have any Free Spins or Bonus rounds. It does have one special feature, which is the Free Spin feature. This is triggered when you get five consecutive non-winning spins in a row. You can see this counting down via the meter on the left side of the screen with the number and the word More on it. It starts with 5 More, then 4 More, and so on until it gets to 0. This is when a Free Spin is awarded. This free spin will spin again if you don’t win and the countdown will begin again once you get a winning spin.