Monsters’ Scratch Online Slot

Date Updated:27 Jul 2020 Written by Jerico

Not necessarily a true slot machine but it is a matching game all the same, Spinomenal’s Monsters’ Scratch is the perfect game to cut the monotony of continuously spinning slots.

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Monsters’ Scratch Online Slot Review

Progressive Jackpot: No

Provider: Spinomenal

Paylines: NA

Reels: 3

RTP: 92.25%

If you love scratchers, then you will love this game. The Monsters’ Scratch game from Spinomenal is a scratcher game that you can play at your leisure. It has a monster theme and a simple background that features bubble-like circles on a blue surface. Also in the background is one of the cute monsters waving at you as you play the game.

Instead of a Spin button, the game has a Buy Ticket button which gives you a new scratcher with 9 bubbles on it. Click the button again when it shows Reveal All on it to open all 9 bubbles. The objective of the game is to get 3 of the same image on any of the bubbles on the scratcher. The more matches you make, the more you win.

The game is simple enough to play yet it is still fun due to the funny monsters that appear on your screen. While it is not technically a slot machine, the game still has an auto play feature. Simply set your bet by clicking on the coins icon under the Buy Ticket button before launching a game. Bets can go as low as .01to as high as 10 per card. Launch auto play after changing bets by long-pressing the Buy Ticket button.

As simple as the game is, it isn’t as easy to win at as you would hope. You are likely to get an Oops Try Again message after revealing what is behind each bubble. One thing that is rather surprising with this game is the randomness of the prize that you are awarded. It isn’t the same in each round and the prize is revealed at the top after you launch each round.


The game's symbols are mostly monsters, save for one that gives you a special round when you get three of the same on the screen. There are 9 different monsters in the game, in bright and pastel colors. Some have a single eye, some have two eyes, and others have up to five eyes. Some have horns while others have tails and even wings.

One thing all of the symbols have in common is that they all look funny. Some have a silly look on their faces while others simply look fun. The special symbol of this game is the Free Play circle. This circle is actually an eye with the words in yellow on it.


This game is pretty simple and straightforward, which is why it only has one bonus round for you to enjoy. This is the Free Play round. To activate this, you need to get three of this symbol on the scratcher. This will reward you with a single free play round where you stand the chance of winning big if you get a 3-monster match.