Nuts Commander Online Slot

Date Updated:28 Jul 2020 Written by Jerico

For a fun and silly slot game that you can play almost anywhere, this game from Spinomenal called Nuts Commander is worth a go.

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Nuts Commander Online Slot Review

Progressive Jackpot: No

Provider: Spinomenal

Paylines: 100

Reels: 5

RTP: 96.43%

What do you get when you combine nuts, high-powered weapons, squirrels, and slot gaming? You get Nuts Commander by Spinomenal. This game features funny-looking squirrels that are poised to take over the world with their arsenal made out of wood. The game is set in front of a huge tree, with the game container made out of wood as well, the lead squirrel commando standing watch over it.

The game’s control panel is located at the bottom of the screen, with the Play button shaped like a big, fat missile. To its left is the Auto Play button that lets you play hands-free. If you want your spins to go faster, there is a button that is marked Fast Play right beside the Auto Play button. Want to learn more about the game’s rules, paytable, and symbols? Clicking on the Help button, which has a question mark on it, will help you do just that.

Want to increase your bets? Click on the plus button beside the Per Line field. Want to decrease your bets? The minus button on the other side will help do that. Just remember that every bet you place is multiplied by the active paylines of the game so if you bet 3 per line, you will be betting 300 coins in total. Lowest possible bet is 1 for a .01 per line bet while highest possible bet is 1,000 for a 10 per line bet.


Since the game combines squirrels and weapons, you are sure to find both on the reels in the form of game symbols. These include both high paying and low paying symbols. The high paying symbols are those of the squirrels themselves, with four of them showing up at one time or another on the reels. These include a fat orange squirrel, a regular orange one, a blue squirrel, and a purple one with glasses.

The low paying symbols are weapons and equipment made out of wood. These include a catapult, a biplane, binoculars, swords, and a barrel of TNT. There are also special symbols in this game, namely the Wild, Bonus, and Free Spins symbols. The Wild symbol is a golden acorn, Bonus is an air-dropped box of supplies, and Free Spins is a badge with the phrase on it along with a picture of a golden acorn.


This game’s bonus rounds are pretty fun as well, with an interactive game included in this list.

Free Spins – When you get three or more of the Free Spins symbol on your reels, you will be rewarded with 10 free spins. Get three more of this symbol during the free spins round and ten more will be added to your total. The round ends when you run out of free spins.

Commando Slot – This is a part of the game where one square is called the commando square. When a high-paying symbol lands in this spot, it turns into a wild version of itself and changes all other similar symbols on the reels to the same wild version.

Bonus Round – When you get three or more of the Bonus symbol on your reels, you get to shoot at falling supply crates from the sky. Hit them with your bazooka shells before they hit the water to get the prize that is contained within.