Royal Win Online Slot

Date Updated:7 Aug 2020 Written by Jerico

Are you looking for a new and unique slot game that features human representations of your favorite playing card characters? This this game called Royal Win is what you are looking for.

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Royal Win Online Slot Review

Progressive Jackpot: No

Provider: Spinomenal

Paylines: 12

Reels: 4

RTP: 95%

At first glance, you will find the game a little confusing with its unconventional 4x3 grid. When you get to spinning however, you realize that not only is the game fun but it is also uniquely engaging in a dark and weird way. The game’s background is the red velvet curtains of a darkened theater and the reels feature characters you don’t recognize immediately, until you do.

The game’s controls are found on either side of the screen, with the play button prominently displayed on the right side in a configuration that is ideal for both mobile and PC gaming. Underneath it is the bet icon, which is represented by a stack of coins. To the left of the screen are the other controls of the game, which are the home button, sound toggle button, and information button.

You can launch individual spins by clicking on the Spin button each and every time you want to spin the reels. If you want continuous spins, hold the Spin button for a few seconds until the Pause symbol appears. This means your game is in Auto Play mode. If you want to change your bet before going into auto play, click on the coin icon and adjust your bet using the plus and minus buttons found on either side of the Stake field. Lowest bet is .2 and highest is 200.


The game’s symbols revolve around playing cards so you are sure to find symbols that have something to do with a deck of cards. The high paying symbols of this game are three of the four suits you find in any deck of cards, namely the spade, diamond, and clubs. Since the heart suit is similar to the spade suit (turn it upside down and you get the spade suit), it is doubled with the Spade symbol with the symbol in bright red instead of the usual black. The other suits are also in bright colors, with the diamond in pink and the clubs in yellow.

Lower paying symbols in the game are the personification of some of the card’s characters. There is a King of Diamonds, Queen of Hearts, and Jack of Spades. There is also a Joker which is represented by a female jester.


The game doesn’t have by way of special rounds or bonus features. It does have one respin feature that is triggered by consecutive losses during the game. If you spin the reels five times and don’t get a win during these spins, you are given a Free Respin feature. You have to get 5 losses in a row to activate this however. If you win while the losses are counting down, you restart this round.

The meter to the left will indicate how many more losses you need to trigger the free respin. It starts with 5 More, then next is 4 More, until it reaches 1 More. When you lose all 5 spins, you get rewarded a free spin.