Super Mask Online Slot

Date Updated:30 Aug 2020 Written by Jerico

If you’re into scratchers and love superheroes, then this scratcher game from Spinomenal is perfect for you.

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Super Mask Online Slot Review

Progressive Jackpot: No

Provider: Spinomenal

Paylines: NA

Reels: 3

RTP: 91.83%

If there is one game provider that has lots of scratcher games for you to choose from, it’s Spinomenal. This game is a match-3 game centered on a super hero theme and this is evident not only in the title but also in the game’s background design. To the left of the screen is a superhero with his back to the player, cape blowing in the wind, and the city he is saving in the distance.

The game’s controls is similar to that of a Spinomenal mobile slot game, with the game start button to the right and the change bet button underneath it. Instead of Spin, the button has Buy Ticket written on it. To open the squares on the screen, you either click on each one individually or you click on the square button again which now has Reveal All written on it. If you want continuous play, simply long press the button and the game will continuously buy ticket and reveal all.

To change your bet, click on the coins button and you will be able to choose from bets that range from .01 to 10. Each bet is good for a single scratcher. The objective is to get three of the same symbol on the screen to win. Some have higher multipliers than others so getting those are your ultimate goal.


This game is pretty simple and so are its symbols. As the name implies, it is a game that involves super masks, so what you will see on the scratcher are masks of super heroes. These include multicolor masks of water heroes, lightning heroes, and more. The one thing you have to take note of when it comes to these masks is the multipliers beside each one. The lowest multiplier is x2 and the highest is x4000. This means that if you get the x4000 mask and you bet 10 for that scratcher, you win 40,000.

There is one other symbol that can be found on the scratcher that isn’t a mask or a multiplier. This is the Free Play symbol. This is represented by a fight cloud, similar to what you see on comic books, with the thick borders, stars, and lightning symbols that indicate a fight is going on inside the cloud. This symbol has the words Free Play on it.


This game has only one special round and that is the Free Play round. This is a single free play bonus that you get when you find three of the Free Play symbol on your scratcher. When this happens, you will then be given a free game that uses the same bet that you used for the previous round. The only difference is you don’t have to pay for this round of play. Whatever you win on this free play round will be multiplied by the amount you bet on the previous round.