Boxing Legend Floyd Mayweather Plans to Build Casino Empire in Japan

Date Created: Nov 29
Written by Jerico

Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is planning to conquer Asia, starting with his plans to build a casino empire in Japan.

The undefeated boxer is looking to have his rematch with another boxing legend — Manny Pacquiao — in Japan, with the funds generated from that blockbuster event to be used for the construction of Mayweather’s very own casino hotel in Japan.

Earlier this year, the 42-year-old boxer launched TMT Japan in Tokyo after announcing a new collaboration with Kyoei boxing gym and management company Libera.

As gambling makes fruitful strides in Japan, Mayweather is looking to cash in on the movement. Mayweather’s aim is to erect a casino hotel based in Okinawa.

Mayweather is in the process of purchasing a home in Tokyo, so he would be based in Japan. Rather than travel to the United States and back to Japan, planning exhibitions in the Far East makes a lot of sense to the business-savvy athlete. He plans on staging fights in the region instead of having to travel.

Mayweather explored his idea for exhibitions in Japan during his initial visit in June. He expressed that negotiations were already underway, but nothing was set in stone. He is open to taking on any opponent, even those who specialize in MMA or kickboxing.

According to Jay Lau, who is a Hong Kong-based boxing promoter, Mayweather descended to the region to establish TMT Japan because the Asian country is permitting casinos to be erected in 2020.

“There are casinos opening in Cambodia, Singapore, and China as well. It means boxing will get more and more popular. The Manny rematch is the biggest thing that can happen,” said Lau.

When discussions of the casino idea and exhibition matches were first unveiled to the public, Mayweather stated he was open to non-boxing opponents, so possibly anyone was on the table. However, once the idea of a rematch with Pacquiao was brought up, the boxer decided to focus on negotiating that fight only.

Pacquiao is still an active world champion in the boxing world, while Mayweather’s last fight was against young Tenshin Nasukawa. If the two boxing legends were to clash again, it appears that bookmakers would be placing the odds firmly in Pacquiao’s favor.

Mayweather’s plan to make a casino comes at a time when the Japanese government is establishing its new gambling industry. Casinos will be built in 2020 and a five-member casino commission will be set up in early January. The new independent body will be in charge of overseeing security matters within the casino sector.