New Ways You Can Lose Money in Gambling

Date Created: Sep 23
Written by Jerico

This is not something that people want when they gamble. After all, who wants to lose, right? Well, as it turns out, if you are aware of these new ways you can lose money when you gamble, you can try to steer clear of these.

Knowing what to avoid when you gamble is one other thing that you can do to win more when you gamble. In short, it’s still a way for you to win. So, to help you reduce your chances of losing and increase your chances of winning, here are some ways you can lose money when you gamble (and what you should try to avoid):

Believing in beginner’s luck – This is one fallacy that a lot of people tend to believe, even though there is no proof that it is true. If you’re thinking of gambling, it’s probably best if you don’t rely too much on your luck as a first-time gambler. Instead, enter into gambling with some knowledge. This will help you at least avoid certain mistakes most newbie gamblers make (like relying on beginner’s luck).

One thing to keep in mind when you gamble is that a lot of the results, particularly if you’re playing slots, are random. This is why the system used with slot machines is called a Random Number Generator (RNG). The way the reels spin and stop is random, and this is to ensure that the games aren’t rigged in favor of any one player.

If you want to increase your chances of winning, you should play cards instead of slot machines. If you have a sharp mind and can practice card counting, you stand a bigger chance of reaping a huge win at the end of the day. Of course, when you decide to do this, do so with some care since most casinos frown on such a practice. It may not be illegal but it is liable to get you kicked out of a casino and considered persona non grata at that establishment.

Combining socializing with gambling – If you expect to win when you gamble, it might be a good idea to keep your wits sharp. Socializing, getting distracted, and imbibing too many alcoholic drinks is a recipe for losses at a casino. If your main goal is to simply have fun and you don’t really mind losing your money when you gamble on that day, then by all means, just have fun. Just don’t expect to combine winning with such a trip since this can be a long shot at this instance.

Socializing when you’re aiming to win is not a good combination. The distraction that conversation and even drinking brings will only cause you to lose track of what you’re doing. If you want to win, particularly at cards, then you should focus your attention to what you’re doing and not on conversing or making friends with the people around you.

Thinking that the world owes you a win – Everybody has this mistaken notion that they are due for a win since they’ve been down for so long. This is not a good mindset to have when you enter a casino, whether it’s a land-based or a virtual casino. When you decide to gamble, never think that the fates owe you anything. The world is, after all, never a fair place.

If you believe that you are due a win because of your streak of bad luck, you are simply gearing for a bigger feeling of loss when you don’t win. You will only end up hating the world simply because it didn’t live up to your expectations. Gambling when you believe it’s high time your luck turned is not a good thing to do. Gamble because you want to win, not because you think the fates owe you a win.

Playing without a bankroll – This is one thing you should never ever do. Playing without setting a limit to your spending will only open you up to losing more than you are prepared to lose. With a bankroll, you know that even if you do lose, you limit it to a specific amount. Without a bankroll, you might spend more than you should.

You don’t want to end up gambling your child’s college fund or your mortgage payments simply because you failed to set a limit. Always set a reasonable bankroll for your gambling and always stay within that set limit. If you must, set a limit for each game that you play or set a limit for every hour you spend playing.

For example, if you play slots, set a specific amount for each machine you want to try. If you win at it, then you can continue until you reach a set time for such a machine. You can adjust your loss threshold for such a machine. If you’re winning, keep track of your losses based on how much you’ve already won. If you reach your losses threshold, quit the machine and move on to the next one.


These are just a few of the ways you can lose money gambling. Some people may say that these aren’t really new ways to lose. People have been losing money at gambling by doing these things for so long. In truth, losing at gambling is only due to a person trying it out without preparing.

How do you prepare to gamble? For starters, you need to do you research. One thing that people mistakenly do when they gamble is they play a game without knowing the rules beforehand. They have this mindset that everything in a casino is easy. The only thing that is easy in a casino is losing money. Winning requires that you be smart when you begin gambling.

If you plan to play table games, learn the rules before you sit at any table. The only game that doesn’t require much learning is the slot machine, but even then, you have to be prepared when you start playing slots. As mentioned earlier, know your limits, set an amount when you quit pulling the levers, and never ever add to your bankroll when it runs out.