Casino Gazette Ends 16-year Hiatus

Date Created: Jul 22
Written by Jerico

Gambling enthusiasts may not have expected it, but iGaming podcast and gambling news site Casino Gazette has made a comeback after a long hiatus of 16 years.

First launched by a group of podcast enthusiasts in 2000, Casino Gazette was one of the industry’s pioneer websites. It was the original site that provided the public with news and podcasts about what was going on in the exciting world of online casinos. They were already producing podcasts way before the first webcasts were produced and before YouTube was created.

The idea behind the website was to produce podcasts that were entertaining enough to convince people to download them and listen while they’re surfing the Internet, enjoying a cup of coffee, or simply lying in bed passing the time. Back in the day, the group’s idea was considered innovative. Nobody had ever recorded their voice while reading the news or delivering commentaries, and then uploaded them on the Internet. Until this group came up with the idea, that is.

Casino Gazette podcasts were the heart of the online gaming community at the time, and they featured Brian Cullingworth of InfoPowa News, who delivered weekly industry updates. They also had Bryan Bailey from Casinomeister, who delivered player and affiliate webmaster news and critiques, as well as Steve Adkins and Mike Craig from the Online Players Association, who facilitated discussions on game strategies for both online and offline poker.

Unfortunately, the website was unable to cash in on their pioneer status and had to close up shop in 2003. It was subsequently purchased by Bryan Bailey and just recently, the site has finally been re-launched.

The mission of the new and improved Casino Gazette remains practically the same as when it was first launched. It aims to publish news, podcasts, videos, and reviews that will get players, game developers, operators, regulators, and affiliate webmasters engaged. It also aims to be a one-stop source of news for the global iGaming community.

Asked to comment on how it took quite a while for them to re-launch the pioneer website, Bailey, who is now the Casino Gazette’s Director, has this to say: “I know it’s been sixteen years, and yeah—I’ve been kind of busy, but we have finally gotten this old “labor of love” off the ground. I am looking forward to hosting an array of podcasts and videos on Casino Gazette as the site develops. Casino Gazette was a pioneer online gaming website, it is nice to see it up and running again.”

Among other things, the re-launched website plans to provide access to all their historical content over the coming months. This is meant to be the perfect complement to new articles, podcasts, videos, and reviews that will be posted in real time.

According to Bailey, he has always planned to reopen the website, although it may have taken longer than expected. “I hung on to the site hoping that one day it could be re-launched and become the amazing site that I always hoped it would be,” he said.