Comparing Video Poker With Slot Machines

Date Created: Aug 12
Written by Jerico

Comparing slot machines with video poker can be a challenge, especially since both of them lead the best casino games list in the world. Machine games tend to have a bad reputation mainly due to the lack of basic understanding of how they work, and hence, how they can win. Also, casinos hardly disclose the odds of their machines, so you need to learn how to select a winning slot as well.

If you’re the type of person who finds the dings, flashy lights, and automated voice complimenting each spin or play irresistible, then it is best to acquaint yourself with how different slot machines function. Video poker and slot machines may look similar, but they differ significantly regarding potential returns and player involvement.

Slot Machines Versus Video Poker

Casino machine games such as slots games and video poker have a ton of similarities and differences. These two are among the most popular types of machine-based gaming. As a result, people often compare them in different aspects.

When playing slots, your ability to influence your winning chances through actual gameplay is scarce. But since most games offer progressive jackpots, you stand a chance of winning up to a seven-figure sum in only a couple of hours or even minutes. Luck tends to favor knowledgable players, though.

Slot machines necessitate relatively less involvement and hence, fewer skills. While that doesn’t sound like leverage over video poker where you can find a ton of books written by winning strategies experts, it can take months if not years to know the game inside out.

Video poker fanatics usually deny any semblances between reel-based slot games and the automated version of the classic table game. Sure, you can find some fundamental differences, but you have to take note of the fact that all casino games operate with odds favorable to the house.

In a nutshell, video poker is much like combining a video slot machine with five-card draw poker. However, you can find some very nice advantages for the game. These include the ability to play multiple hands at once, play at your pace, not competing against others, the presence of a virtual dealer, and not lose more than your initial wager.

Many players who lose at slot machines become curious about video poker because of its strategic element. Likewise, those who find video poker strategy hard tend to explore slot machines due to their simplicity. If you fall into either category or wish to learn how video poker and slots compare, keep reading.

Similarities Between Slot Machines and Video Poker

Slot machines and video poker both operate through a Random Number Generator (RNG) to ensure that every round depends on chance. Random number generation involves forming an unpredictable sequence of digits. Many slots and video poker myths surface because individuals don’t understand how an RNG works. They believe a strategy or pattern will result in sure profits. However, the RNG guarantees that each result is independent of the previous one.

Both video poker and slot machines are good alternatives to table games in physical casinos. If you hate the pressures of learning table games, you may just sit down to a slot machine or video poker and play at will. These games offer different pay back and betting options.

Online slots makers usually provide a uniform payout percentage with every game, regardless of the casino. However, some online slots can also come with different pay back as you move between casinos. For the betting options, slot machines let you adjust paylines, change the coin size, use double-up option after wins, and change coins per line. In video poker, you can play multiple hands per turn, wager 1 to 5 coins per hand, change the coin denomination, and make side bets for multipliers.

Differences Between Slot Machines and Video Poker

One noticeable difference between video poker and slot machines is that the former requires an intricate strategy. Each video poker hand starts with five cards. You will decide what to keep and discard. All the decisions you make have a long-term impact on pay back. Contrast that to slot machines, in which the best strategy aspects involve selecting games with high pay back and proper bankroll management. Once you achieve both goals, all you have to do is slam the spin button.

If you’re after progressive jackpots, slot machines are famous for these. Some slot machines even offer progressive jackpots worth millions of dollars. While only a tiny percentage of them offer that much money, the point is you can make a fortune here. Meanwhile, most video poker games provide a royal flush payout worth 4,000 coins. Some of them also offer progressive jackpots, although not as big as with slot machines. While video poker machines will not make you wealthy, they do offer relatively higher pay back than slot machines.

As mentioned previously, video poker games involve intricate strategy. Therefore, slot machines are more relaxing for players who don’t care about tactics or a heftier return. They are a smart choice for casual players who simply want to chill out. However, a significant drawback to slot machines is that players are dealing with a larger house edge.

Another noteworthy difference is that online slot machines pay more than those in physical casinos, whereas video poker stays the same when moving from digital to land-based casinos. In video poker, the golden rule is you have to make the max bet to get the maximum pay back.


While slot machines and video poker share some similarities, they also have differences. Video poker involves more strategy, offers higher pay back, and has +EV games, while slots have bigger jackpots and more comps due to high house edge. These differences make each game unique and appealing to specific crowds.

Video poker is perfect for players who love using skills to boost their winning chances. On the other hand, those who are after enormous jackpots and/or play without strategies will appreciate slot machines. Finally, it is worth emphasizing that these comparisons don’t mean that one game is superior to the other.