DraftKings to Retain SBTech Senior Management After Merger

Date Created: Feb 20
Written by Jerico

With the merger of SBTech and DraftKings on the horizon, it is but natural for those in the former to wonder if there will be huge changes in the organizational structure of the company. When asked about this, DraftKings CEO, Jason Robins replied that they are aiming to keep the senior management team of SBTech.

The acquisition of the company is set to happen December of this year and has been facilitated by the financing of Diamond Eagle Acquisition Corporation. This deal is worth around $3.3 billion. Robins has reiterated that he is planning on keeping on top executives of the other company, which includes SBTech CEO Richard Carter, as part of the team.

The plan is to retain the majority of the top men in the team but that is pending approval of the men in question themselves. The reason for this is the fact that these people have helped keep the company together and are instrumental in the future success of this endeavor. Carter, in particular, is cited for his immense help in assisting the team at DraftKings and helping them understand the financials as well as the technology of the company.

His experience has also been mentioned and is considered an asset to future plans for the group. This will help cement the future of the merger and what the company aims to accomplish. How this will turn out and whether or not these executives will choose to stay on still remains to be seen.