Is There Such a Thing as Smart Casino Gambling?

Date Created: Jul 29
Written by Jerico

Not that many people think that gambling, and casino gambling in particular, requires players to have some smarts. They usually think that simply because a person gambles, there is no need to be smart about it. How complicated can it be to gamble, right?

As it turns out, there is actually such a thing as a smart gambler. These are those people who actually take casino gambling somewhat seriously. These are also those who tend to lose less than those who think that you don’t need any amount of smarts to gamble, whether in an online casino or a landbased one.

What is Smart Casino Gambling?

So, what exactly is being smart when you gamble at a casino? A smart gambler is just what the term implies – it’s a person who takes gambling seriously. They approach gambling with a strategy rather than willy-nilly. In short, this person is someone who knows that they can lose a lot of money if they don’t set rules for their casino gambling.

It is essentially an approach to casino gambling that allows a person to reduce their losses and to make them enjoy gambling at the same time. so, how do you become a smart casino gambler? Here are some tips that can help you develop smart gambling habits:

Don’t go in without setting a limit – This is one of the biggest mistakes people make. They gamble without ensuring that they stop when they reach a certain limit in terms of losses. This is oftentimes called a bankroll and people who don’t want to lose the shirt of their backs when they gamble tend to stick to their bankroll.

Sometimes, smart gamblers set a limit not only for their entire time at a casino but also for a particular game. For example, if they are playing slot machines, they always set a limit for how much they spend on a specific machine. If the reach that limit, they move on to another machine, and so on. This allows them to try their luck at many different machines so they don’t blow all of their money on a single machine.

Don’t play games you don’t know the rules to – This is obviously a no-brainer but there are some people who think, “How hard can it be?” and end up losing thousands of dollars in one night simply because they didn’t really understand the rules of the game they played. If you find a certain game intriguing when you visit a casino and are tempted to play, if you don’t really know how it is played, don’t play it. Bookmark it for another visit and then learn how to play before then.

Don’t depend on betting systems to help you win – Some people use a betting system to increase their winnings when they play. What they don’t realize that this may actually cause them to lose more. What is a betting system? It’s a routine that some gamblers use and swear by when they play, and it follows a pattern that they say can help you win a lot. Some systems that gamblers are known to use include progressive betting, flat betting, and negative progression, to name a few.

Don’t gamble when you’re intoxicated or not at your best – When you’re tired, sleepy, or even tipsy, don’t gamble. It’s that simple. When you gamble while you’re not at your sharpest, you will invariably make a lot of gambling mistakes. Going to a casino to blow-off steam isn’t also a good idea since this will make you reckless and can actually cost you a lot of money.

Choose your games wisely by learning about odds and house edges – Yes, if you want to win consistently at casinos, you have to understand what odds, RTPs, and house edges are. Knowing what these are and using these to pick the right games to play can help you increase your chances of winning and help you avoid burning through your bankroll quickly.

For example, an RTP that is above 96% for slot machines is ideal and is better than machines that have an RTP of below 90%. While landbased casinos rarely, if ever, disclose the RTP of their machines, online casinos often have the RTP of their slot games on hand for you to check. If not, you can always research the RTP of these games from other resources online.

Resist the urge to believe in urban legends and myths – A lot of casino gamers tend to believe in a few myths that some people spread about casinos and casino games. For instance, some believe that the balls in roulette actually have magnets in them and that dealers can control where these land. This is a myth that seems to have originated from one spy movie or another.

Another myth that people seem to believe when it comes to casinos is the myth of the hot slot machine. People sometimes think that a machine that has been played on by others for some time is ripe for the taking. They have this weird notion that if someone plays a machine for hours and it doesn’t hit the jackpot, that whoever occupies it next will be the lucky player to trigger such a win.

Take advantage of freebies and promotions – If you happen to find a casino that offers something extra for a deposit or for registering, don’t shrug it off. Take advantage of these freebies and promos. Just make sure however that you understand what you have to do to avail of such freebies or if these are actually worth your time, money, and effort. Some of the best freebies and promotions you should always consider include deposit bonuses, free spins bonuses, and loyalty bonuses. Before you do sign up because of such bonuses, read the fine print and stipulations.

These are just a few of the things you can do to become a smart casino gambler. Yes, there is such a thing as a smart casino gambler and smart casino gambling. If you don’t want to lose more than you are prepared to lose, following these tips and becoming one by being more circumspect when it comes to gambling is what you should do.