Macau Casino Shutdown to End on February 20

Date Created: Feb 18
Written by Jerico

Since the threat of the coronavirus in Macau has waned, casino operations are set to resume on the 20th of this month. This is due to the fact that the 15-day closure that the city has imposed on itself starting February 5 is coming to an end. The closure was put in place to help stop the spread of the virus, which has hit neighboring Hubei province and Wuhan, which was hardest hit.

The closure was enacted to help keep both locals and tourists alike from contracting the virus. The region originally stated that there were 10 confirmed cases in the area. They have since announced that there were no new cases since their closure.

While the opening of the casinos and other businesses in the area is set for the 20th, these establishments are given up to 30 days to actually resume their operations. This is to ensure that they have enough time to get things back in order. There will also be strict controls in place to ensure that visitors who enter the territory are free of the contagion.

With the virus having infected tens of thousands across the country, and thousands dead due to this threat, it is but natural for the area to be extra cautious. The closure, however, is costing the casinos in the city a lot of money, with some resorts reporting losses of around $2 million daily. The scare has already lost the money-making region a lot of revenues since the year opened, with the virus making the news in December of the previous year.

The drop in revenue was pegged at 11% since January and is seen to cost the region even more if this threat continues.