Mogul Partners with Alliance for Industry-First Membership Offering

Date Created: May 28
Written by Jerico

West Perth, AU - Micro cap tech play eSports Mogul has just announced that it recently signed a deal with Alliance, one of the most recognisable esports franchises. The deal, which was brokered by First Point Ventures, has Mogul and Alliance working together to establish an annual global tournament.

Specific information about this industry-first partnership is expected to be released in the weeks to come. What is known at this time is that Mogul will allow Alliance to use its platform to establish and promote its own annual season-format esports tournament series and membership offering.

Alliance members will have priority access into the series, which is expected to feature swag from both Alliance and Mogul. The tournament will also offer large prize pools as well as an opportunity to train with the team at Alliance headquarters in Sweden as part of their boot camp. All expenses will be paid by the company.

This deal is seen as Mogul’s first step towards expanding their operations into Europe. It has them sharing a target of 100,000 monthly subscribers with Alliance. Subscribers are expected to shell out USD 5 dollars a month for the privilege of becoming a member. Alliance CEO Jonathan “Loda” Berg said he was excited to be entering into this deal with the $14 million Australian-listed esports company.

“Alliance couldn’t be more excited to be working with Mogul on the planning of a world-class online tournament series and membership offering to support our fan base and grassroots esports across Europe,” he said. “This partnership represents an opportunity to create entirely new revenue streams for both Mogul’s market-leading technology and the Alliance brand. Together we have devised industry-first value creation strategies and a genuine innovation in commercialisation models for esports teams.”

For Mogul Chief Strategy and Commercial Officer Jamie Skella, the partnership is an excellent way to extend their company’s reach. “Alliance is an esports powerhouse with a large fan base around the world. Backing them with Mogul’s world-class technology and globally distributed tournament staff allows Alliance to bridge the gap between them and their fans through active participation, not just passive consumption.”

“This cooperative is desired to support the next generation of player aspiring to go pro, and for everyone else, rewarding them with team gear, international travel, rubbing shoulders with some of the world’s best players, and more. The diligent work on Mogul’s value proposition for various segments of the industry is now beginning to crystallise, demonstrated by the advocacy and commitment of a global esports powerhouse the likes of Alliance in this milestone deal,” Skella added.

Mogul has definitely been busy this year, and they’re currently running an Apex Legends tournament with a $35,000 prize money.

As for First Point Ventures, they aim to facilitate partnerships that create value for establishments and people involved in the esports industry. And First Point Ventures founder Sebastian Quinn-Watson has this to say about the Mogul-Alliance partnership: “We have worked across the world engaging with some of the most recognisable brands in esports, and we are delighted to help take Mogul to Europe, North America, and the world. Mogul has developed a platform with state-of-the-art administration and automation technology that empowers teams, event organisers, and brands to run such large-scale events.”