Native Gaming Launches All-Inclusive New Website

Date Created: Dec 02
Written by Jerico

Native Gaming has pushed the envelop forward with the launch of a brand-new, all-inclusive website that features a casino, live casino, sports betting, esports, and idle games, along with a complete financial ecosystem that has gamification elements.

This development is one that has yet to be seen in the iGaming realm, and more is to come, according to Native Gaming, as it also holds plans to produce a land-based casino and resort on a private island in the Caribbean. This would then be linked to the online offering to cover all bases when it comes to the gambling experience.

The financial ecosystem that has been established by Native Gaming makes use of a smart-society of stakeholders, which it calls “Natives” that produce passive income from gross gaming revenue.

While there are proprietary aspects to this new offering, the BetConstruct platform is also being used. In all, there are over 5,000 casino games to play and betting lines are available on more than 40,000 monthly sports events.

Native Gaming CEO Justin McCool disclosed they still have a lot more up their sleeves in the near future. The platform is seeking to be more than just a regular online gambling site, rather, Instead, it aims to take all of the best attributes of gambling and place it all under one umbrella.

“A token that is generating passive income from gross gaming revenue has the potential to be far more lucrative than other popular passive income investments like rental properties, dividend stocks, and master node coins,” said McCool.

McCool added that the platform makes use of the transparency and security features that in intrinsic to blockchain technology to allow everyone to get a slice of the action. The return would be the same for someone investing $10 as someone investing $10m.

Not only does this platform give users the chance to produce passive income, but it also welcomes business investment. Investors would, in fact, become stakeholders, as they would not be buying equity in the business. Instead, their investment would go straight into the online casino’s Smart-Contract Bankroll.

As time passes and more money goes into the system through gross gaming revenue and investment, the price of tokens would increase. These tokens will always be redeemable for cash, making it a liquid asset.