Online Slots with the Best Soundtrack

Date Created: Feb 06
Written by Antonio Moschella

Online Slots make their mark in the industry mainly because of their payout scheme and visuals. However, online slots offer more than that. These casino classic games have always had audio content that makes each gaming experience more immersive. Some of the slots different background music depending on its theme. Sports-themed slots would almost always have crowds cheering you on, whilst some Zen-inspired slots offer calming music. In recent years, the advent of branded slots titles has made online slots develop their own music and soundtrack. Some even make partnerships with pop stars and musical plays to allow them to incorporate original content into the online slots gameplay. To see what we mean, check out these online slots with an amazing soundtrack that would make the gaming experience even more extraordinary.

Scary Online Slots Soundtracks

No horror film would sound as scary without its soundtrack. The musical timing and delivery are extremely crucial. Just imagine watching a scary movie without its soundtrack. Would you be scared? Not at all. Musical scoring is a vital part of horror film and online slots for that matter. Check out our list of online slots featuring scary soundtracks that would make you scream and jump.

The Phantom of the Opera

This online slots game is one of the branded titles powered by Microgaming. The game is based on the 2004 movie adaptation of 1986 musical of the same name. The soundtrack, as one can expect, is operatic. The high-paying symbols are the main characters from the movie and can land on the reels expanded on two rows. Whilst the low-paying symbols are some of the memorable icons from the said film. The great thing about this online slot is how the classic musical score is intricately and beautifully incorporated into the game play. As you load on the game, the announcement: “Take your seats, the opera is about to begin,” will truly make you feel as if you are in a theatre, about to watch Andrew Lloyd Webber’s masterpiece. The game’s soundtrack highlight is the play’s main theme song that players can hear in the background as the reels are spinning. The Chandelier Bonus would cause the music to change and players can hear the laugh of the phantom as the chandelier falls off. The bonus features have musical scores that are reminiscent of the play’s special events including Music of the Night, The Masquerade, and All I Ask of You.

Nightmare on Elm Street

Thriller-themed slots are also big on players. These online slots deliver the great scares with their amazing soundtrack and Nightmare on Elm Street is one of them. In fact, some long-time players claim that the soundtrack gives them the scare that they hardly play it in the dark. Just imagine a dark creepy night with no sound in the air but swishing winds and steps that would make you think belongs to a ghost. Then, an evil laugh – a laugh that somehow beckons you. Would you be brave enough not to mute the sound?

Bloods Suckers

Do you ever feel like someone or something is always standing behind your back? DO you ever get the feeling like the hairs on your back are standing for no particular reason? The soundtrack of the Blood Suckers online slots will give you just that. It is a horror online slot packed with mysterious elements. The soundtrack features rustling of the trees, wings flapping in the air, which gets louder as the vampire gets closer.


This online slots game features zombies on a mission to suck away any player’s soul. Imagine hearing the hungry howls of the living dead as they approach the reels. Playing this in the dark would make players feel like the zombies are closing in on them. Graves cracking open as the nails of the zombies emerge from the soil and come out of their graves. Do you think you are brave? Answer us once you are done playing Zombies online slots.

Twisted Circus

It and American Horror Story 3 are already a prelude to the fact that happy people and places can also become a source of terror. Twisted Circus is indeed a twisted take on online slots. Whilst there is no scary clown out to get you, there are various grotesque creatures that howl, whisper silently, and echo noises that would make you question yourself why are you even playing with this game in the first place. The game is like Joker and Harley Quinn as the developers with its peals of laughter echoing in the background as you spin the reels.

Happy Online Slots Soundtracks

If you are not into scary soundtracks, these happy and uplifting soundtracks would surely make your day.

Space Invaders

This online slots from Playtech is a replica of the 1980s arcade game. The reels are placed in an arcade-like console and feature visual effects and soundtrack to develop the game’s nostalgic atmosphere. The soundtrack features a consistent musical beat that adapts to the action of the reels. So, it somehow drums up the beat when the reels are on a momentum. The cannon beneath the reels follows a staccato burst as it zaps the aliens to transform into Wild Symbols. The UFO that goes above the reels, when shot, has a track that produces a prolonged firing sound along with the generation of more Wild Symbols. The sound for the winning combinations would make any player feel like they won an arcade game with its cash register ringing for huge jackpot prizes.

Elvis the King Lives

If you are one of those who believe that the King of Rock and Roll is still alive, then this addicting online slots game is for you because in here, the legacy of The King lives on. Hitting the reels will trigger one of the king’s melodies. Would it be nice to bob your head into the beat as the reels continue on spinning and dropping huge prizes? Some of the popular titles that you can hear whilst playing include Don’t Be Cruel, C. C. Rider, and Heartbreak Hotel. The Jukebox Bonus Picker will award one of three bonuses and the musical soundtrack is based on one of Elvis’ biggest hits playing on the background.

Dream Catcher Online Slots

Dream Catcher online slots is one of the few unique games one can play online as it comes as a live game and as a slots game. The game features Native American soundtrack with captivating melodies that would uplift your mood whilst playing with the game’s stunning graphics and generous payouts.

The Big Bopper

Realtime Gaming offered this online slots as a tribute to Jiles Perry “J.P.” Richardson, Jr. or The Big Bopper. Richardson was one of the leading musicians of the 1950s who dies in a plane crash. Aside from featuring the great music of the legend, the slots also offers a hint of nostalgia with characters of the reels depicted in icons from the 50s including a jukebox, a gold disc, microphone, gramophone record, record player, portable radio, guitar, and a two-piece telephone. The game loading screen features a musical number from The Big Bopper himself. When the musician lands as an expanding wild onto the reels, a short clip encouraging the crowd will play. The Big Bopper Instant Win will have the musician sing Chantilly Lace, which the longer it plays, the bigger is the payout.

Guns N’ Roses

The NetEnt title is the first of the NetEnt Rocks Trilogy. The online slots features an amazing introduction clip – an audio-visual of the iconic band’s live performance. The slots high-paying symbols feature the band members: Axl Rose, Slash, Du McKagan, and two guitar picks. The Wild Symbol is the band’s logo. So if you are a die-hard fan, this game’s for you. Players can choose from any of the five most popular Guns N’ Roses songs as their background track in the slots base game. The soundtrack will include cheering fans as the reels award wins. The game has three bonus features, which plays the another one of the band’s live performances.