Other Forms of Gambling People Indulge in Worldwide

Date Created: Jun 24
Written by Jerico

When you talk about gambling, you tend to think about casino games like roulette, craps, and blackjack. Some people think about slot machines when it comes to gambling. While these are indeed things you can gamble on, these aren’t the only ways you can gamble. There are a lot of other ways for you to wager and all you have to do is to find portals that offer these.

Unique gambling games are not that easy to find but they are a great way to change things up. Of course, when you decide to gamble on these unique games, try to be careful with the portal you choose. Not all online gambling portals are secure and safe for you to use. If you decide to look for weird and unique gambling options online, try to check on some of the more popular online casinos that are safer for you to visit. If not, practice caution when you do try any of these weird gambling games either online or in real life.

Mah-Jong – This is a game that originated in China and is actually very popular among college students. This is a table game that needs 4 players and uses a set of “cards” which are more like tiles. These tiles can be made using bamboo, bone, ceramic, and porcelain. This game comes with many different rules, depending on what type of mah jong game you are playing. The most commonly played one the one that uses old Hong Kong rules.

Each player is dealt 12 tiles, with each player taking turns taking 4 tiles from the stacks until each one has 12. The first player to begin gameplay will then pick one tile from the stacks and the game begins. The first player then discards a tile they don’t need and places it in the middle of the table. The next player then does the same thing, unless if someone picks up the discarded tile in the middle to complete a trio or quad of the same tile. When this happens, one person loses their turn and the game continues with the person next to the one who picked up the discarded card.

This game is rather complicated to play but once you get the hang of it and know the rules, you will find it challenging yet enjoyable. Some of the younger players of this game choose to play it using a deck of cards instead of tiles since these are easier to handle. If you want the authentic feel of the game however, using tiles is the way to go.

Penny Pitching – If you’ve watched the docu-series on ESPN of Michael Jordan and the Bulls called The Last Dance, you will see this game actually played there in one of the episodes. While the coin that is to be used in the game is supposed to be a penny, Jordan and a few of the team’s staff played this using a quarter. The objective of this game is to see who gets the coin nearest to the wall as possible.

The person throwing will have to stand in the exact same spot as their other competitors and throw it as close to the wall as they can. The closest distance a person has to stand from the wall for this game is five feet. Each person has to have their own coin to avoid arguments on who threw the closest to the wall. If a coin lands on another coin, the one underneath loses.

Bets can be as low as $1 or as high as a few thousand. This game can be played one on one or it can be played by a few people pooling their money in one big prize. The rules for the game can vary per group, with some allotting a second and third prize if there are lots of players joining in.

Casino War – What was once a game that kids played with cards is now a gambling game that you can actually find in many online casinos worldwide. This game is basically a card game where the winner is the one with the highest card dealt. It starts with the dealer laying out one card for each player after each one places a bet. If the dealer’s card is higher, they win. If the player’s card is higher, they win. If the cards are the same, then war can be waged.

To wage war, the player must make another bet similar to the initial one, and the dealer must do the same. The dealer then removes three cards from the deck and discards them, then deals one card for the player. The dealer then repeats this process for himself/herself. Whoever has the higher new card wins the war.

In this game, the player has the option to not go to war and instead can offer half their bet to the dealer. This game can be played one on one or with a dealer and 8 other players. It is now a popular casino game that you can play online or in a landbased outlet.

Red Dog – This is considered a simpler version of poker and is played by those who cannot be bothered to memorize poker rules. It isn’t as easy as some people make it out to be but it does have fewer rules to remember than standard poker.

The game begins with the dealer laying down two cards after all players place a bet. If the two cards are identical, nobody can place an additional bet and the dealer will draw another card. If the third card is the same as the first two, the player wins x11 of their bet. If the first two cards are not the same, a player can bet again up to the same amount as the original bet. If the third card drawn is a number between the first two, they win.

There are a few other rules that are used in this game. For instance, if the two cards drawn are the same and the third card isn’t, nobody wins or loses. There are also higher payoffs in this game if the spread is lower than three. For instance, if the first card is 5 and the second card is 7, and the last card drawn is a 6, the winner will get 5:1 of their bet.

These are just a few of the uncommon games people play or gamble on around the world. Some of these games can be found online with a few of them actually available in some online gambling sites and casinos.