Poker Bonuses Temporarily Halted in France

Date Created: Apr 21
Written by Jerico

France’s ARJEL or Autorite de Regulation Des Jeux En Ligne has informed French poker operators that they should avoid offering bonuses to their customers to incentivize playing. This is due to the current pandemic that is sweeping the globe. The ARJEL’s mandate is put in place to help reduce the possibility of problem gambling in the country.

This is in light of the marked increase in players joining such online activities in the past weeks. The increase in revenues from such businesses has indicated a substantial rise in poker players and there is also an increase in interest in the game due to stay at home orders.

This regulation, however, is temporary and is aimed at helping to slow down the increase in the number of people turning to gambling during these trying times. The move is aimed at protecting players who are susceptible to gambling addiction and to reduce the attraction of such a pastime.

By not incentivizing their registration and deposit process for online poker gaming, operators will be helping people steer clear of an ever-increasing problem regarding problem gambling in Europe.

Another note from ARJEL to these operators is aimed at getting them to inform registrants of the dangers of gambling. They should provide customers with prevention advice and to step in when a player shows signs of going overboard or is veering towards gambling addiction.

The body has also noted that the lockdown will also increase the possibility of people registering and playing on casino and other gaming websites, which is actually illegal in France. This they try to discourage with a website warning that informs the player that their winnings cannot be paid out and that they are not protected from unscrupulous behavior from such websites.