Spain Contemplating Restricting Gambling Advertising

Date Created: Feb 27
Written by Jerico

One of the main problems with gambling is its appeal to the youth and those who are prone to problem gambling. This issue is a constant headache for countries worldwide, including Spain. One solution that is being eyed by Spain’s Minister of Consumer Affairs, Alberto Garzon, is to restrict advertisements for gambling in the country.

This move, which is still being proposed, is set to help protect the aforementioned parties from being drawn into gambling. The proposed law is set to restrict the number of gambling ads on TV by as much as 80%. This means companies that promote gambling will be allowed to advertise less on this platform. Also part of the proposed law is to restrict the hiring of well-known personalities to promote wagering.

This move to stop gambling advertising is aimed at curtailing possible gambling problems involving the youth and those who are prone to gambling addiction. Being a member of the Unidos Podemos party, Garzon promised during his election campaign that his party will protect these two demographics from gambling. Also, part of this drive to stop gambling addiction and youth wagering is another radical bill. This is one that stops football clubs from selling youngsters their shirts if these are manufactured with the sponsorship of a gambling entity.

While there is a current agreement between the government and gambling companies that make the latter post warning messages similar to that used for tobacco, this stricter law is still being pursued.