SpringOwl Asset Management Sees Opportunities for Gaming Industry Despite Crisis

Date Created: Mar 13
Written by Jerico

While a lot of companies see the looming coronavirus threat as something to be wary about, the CEO of SpringOwl Asset Management actually sees it as a huge opportunity. Jason Ader actually sees this crisis as an opportunity for land-based casinos to make the move to online options. Since land-based casinos have been forced to shut down due to the virus, those that already have an online presence are reaping the benefits.

Casinos that haven’t made the transition yet will see this as a chance to finally have enough reason to do so. This also gives the industry the chance to tackle the bothersome issue of problem gambling. Since those who have this issue will now be forced to gamble online, gambling addiction can now be focused on and dealt with better. With new restrictions being placed on the use of credit cards in gambling, this problem will be easier to tackle and dealt with.

Since land-based outlets will now be shuttered, and online gambling is the only outlet people have for this pastime, strict measures can be implemented. This is to ensure that problem gamblers and underage gamblers are better controlled and stopped. This will help the industry curtail such issues and to keep such abuses under control.

Another thing that the SpringOwl Asset Management CEO pointed out as being beneficial to online gambling portals is the reach they have in terms of customers. Now, these online casinos can reach customers that their landbased outlets cannot reach. It has also been noted that since people will be forced to stay indoors to keep themselves safe from this disease, online casinos will benefit from this.