Top 12 Free-to-Play Sports Oriented Slot Machine Games You Can Find Online

Date Created: Mar 26
Written by Jerico

When you enjoy sports and you enjoy playing free online slots, then you should be ecstatic to know that there are sports oriented slot machines for you to play. Yes, there are quite a few slot machines from some of the big games developers and distributors around that are sports themed. These will help you enjoy not only spinning the reels and winning but also thinking about the sport itself as you do so.

The sports that are often used as themes for these free slots casino games are those that a lot of people love watching and enjoy following. These are also sports that have teams and celebrity athletes that people are fans of. If you want to play free slot games that are centered on sports, then here are some of the more popular titles to look out for.

Football: Champions Cup – if you are a fan of football and follow one of the many teams that make the world cup, then you will probably love this slot machine. Developed and distributed by NetEnt, this game comes with a 96.82% RTP (return to player percentage), has a 5x3 board, and has 20 paylines for you to win from. Released in the middle of 2016, this slot machine features symbols that are synonymous with the game and has a design that is easy on the eyes.

The background sound of the game takes you right into the middle of a match, with screaming fans in the back chanting and singing. The background art shows the field in a stadium, putting you right in the middle of all the action. If you would rather play in peace though, you can simply turn off the sound and spin the reels in relative silence.

Top Trumps World Football Stars – another football themed slot machine you can find online is this slot machine from Playtech. Released in 2014, this is one of the earlier football-based slot machines that you can play online. It comes with a decent RTP of 95.6%, although most players would prefer a game with a higher RTP. This 5x3 slot machine has 15 paylines and features some of the top teams in the league in its design.

The symbols that you will find in this machine include some of the most popular players in the league. Also on these reels are the usual 9 to Ace numbers found on cards and of course, the football itself. The game does not have a bonus round but it does have free spins, multipliers, a wild symbol, and a scatter symbol.

Nags to Riches – from one of the lesser known developers and distributors, this five-reel slot machine features the sport of horse racing, in a cartoony progressive jackpot slot machine. The symbols that you will find in this machine are those of the supposed racehorse owner and the jockey. You will also find a horseshoe, the game’s logo, a trophy, and tens up to aces as part of the symbols you need to align on the reels.

The game’s RTP is rather low at 93.49% when compared with other more recent games, and this can be attributed to the fact that this game was first released back in 2010. Still, it is a fun game to play with its cartoony figures and bonus games that take you to the races.

Centre Court – this slot machine from Microgaming comes with a tennis theme and features symbols that are synonymous with the sport. With a 5x3 format, this tennis video slot machine game has the tennis ball as its scatter symbol, the trophy as the wild symbol, and various tennis players as the other symbols for the game. It also has the usual ten to ace lineup for lower winning symbols and the highest paying symbol you want to line up on the reels is the Match Point phrase.

The game has 9 paylines and a 95.52% RTP, making it a pretty decent slot machine to play. It also has a multiplier symbol, a chance to get free spins, and a pretty simple design. Developed and released in 2009, it is one of the earlier tennis-themed video slot machines you can find online.

Rugby Star – another Microgaming slot machine that is centered on a sport is this rugby themed five-reel video slot that was released in 2015. With a decent 96.52% RTP, it is no wonder it is one of the most played sports slots around. This game comes with 243 paylines and a standard 5x3 board that you will find on most video slot machines. It is also one of the online slots UK casinos have on their roster.

This game features the popular British game of Rugby and features symbols that are synonymous with this sport. These include a trophy, cleats, a stadium, and a rugby helmet. Also part of the symbols you will find on the reels in this game are players in action and the game’s logo.

Benchwarmers Football Girls – for all you guys out there who want some eye candy while you play a sports-themed slot machine, this one is for you. This five-reel machine from Playtech features females in skimpy football-inspired costumes. Aside from the eye-catching images on the reels, the game also has other symbols that can help you win big, such as the word Wild, the game’s logo, and a Bonus square. The game also has the numbers 10 to Ace on its wheels to help make it more challenging.

This slot machine comes with a bonus game, which lets you pick three of these scantily clad players for prizes. You also get a free spin bonus when you hit the Benchwarmer feature, which includes the selection of one of the girls to fill the first reel of your machine. This image stays there for the entire 10 free spins and will be the image you will want to see on the other reels for a big win.

Golden Tour – another sports oriented slot machine from Playtech is this golf-inspired five-reel slots that was released in 2012. Featuring some of the symbols easily associated with golf, this game has different colored golf balls, a golf bag, a golf cart, and even golf shoes on its reels. With an RTP of 97.71%, players love spinning the reels on this machine even though it only has 5 paylines.

Other images you will want to line up for this game include the double golf balls, the flag, and a golf tee. The scatter symbols that you will find on this game are of animals you might see on a golf course, and these include a duck, a gopher, and a catfish. It also comes with a bonus game that lets you choose the right clubs to get the ball into the hole of a specific course. Choose correctly and win a major prize.

Midnight Racer – another 5-reel slot machine game that comes from a relatively unknown distributer is this racing inspired slot machine called Midnight Racer. Developed and distributed by Saucify, which is connected to BetOnSoft, this game features symbols that are associated with caring. The symbols you will see on the reels include NOS tanks, racing tires, three different racers, a racing glove, and the top 4 cards in a deck stylized to fit the design.

This 5x3 video slot machine is one of the simpler sports-themed machines around since it features a rather simple gameplay that includes free spins, Wilds, and up to 30 combinations for you to win from. The background design features the three racers you see on the reels preparing to race.

Formula X – another racing themed slot machine, this time from IGT, is this Formula-1 inspired game that features symbols that are associated with this world-famous race. This game comes in a 5x3 format and has 25 paylines. It also has fun-looking images that are somewhat cartoony but still easy to associate with the theme. While the game’s RTP is unknown, people still love playing it because of the theme and the excitement that comes with winning from such a machine.

There are many ways you can win from Formula X and this is because it has wilds, free spins, multipliers, and a bonus game. Some of the symbols you will see on the reels include the checkered flag, the steering wheel of your race car, the driver, a racing cap, and a racing wheel. The wild symbol is the speedometer and the scatter symbol is that of the race girl. Highest paying symbol is the trophy and the bonus game symbol is that of the Formula 1 car. You can get as many as 100 free spins on this game if you can line up all five scatter symbols on the reels.

Knockout: The Last Fight – based on the sport of Mixed Martial Arts, or MMA, this slot machine shows you symbols that remind you of this brutal sport. This game, unlike most five-reel slots, comes with a 5x4 format instead of the usual 5x3. Coming from Future Gaming Solutions, this game has a 96.6% RTP, is a progressive jackpot slot machine, and has 40 paylines for you to win from. One of the newer machines around, this was released in 2017 and can be found on more than a dozen UK online casinos.

The games symbols include MMA gloves, a golden championship belt, a referee, a round girl, two fighters, and a coach outside the octagon. The wild symbol in this game is the letter W and the game also has a free spins feature. Highest paying symbols are those of the two fighters followed by the other human symbols in the game.

Cricket Star – if you are a fan of cricket, you might want to try this cricket-centered slot machine from game developer and distributor Microgaming. This slot machine features a 5x3 board with 243 paylines and a 97% RTP. As the name implies, symbols you will see on this game are associated with cricket, and these include wickets, cricket players, the umpire, and even fans cheering on their favorite team. Bowlers in action and men at bat are also featured as symbols in this game.

The wild symbol for this slot machine is simply the word Wild in big red letters while the scatter symbol is that of the cricket ball. While this machine does not have a bonus game, it does have free spins for you to try and land. It also has multipliers that will help increase your wins.

Golden Games – this Olympics inspired slot machine from Playtech is also worth considering when you want to play slot machines that are centered on sports. This machine, which comes with a 5x3 format, was released in 2009 and features symbols that you can easily associate with the games that are played during the Olympics. These symbols include stick figures in gold of bicyclists, boxers, fencers, swimmers, and runners.

Other symbols that you will find on the reels of this machine include the wild symbol which is represented by a gold medal with the word Wild on it, a basketball hoop, a tennis racket with tennis ball, a discus thrower, and a barbell used for deadlifting. The scatter symbol for this game is the bell used in boxing and the bonus symbol is that of the Olympic flame.

Special Mentions

Aside from these twelve sports-themed slot machine games, there are still quite a few that you can consider playing when you want to enjoy slot machine gaming that reminds you of your favorite sport. A lot of these are centered on football, which is basically a sport that a lot of fans worldwide follow. The titles you will find online that pertain to this sport in slot machine form include Bicicleta, Number One, Carnival Cup, and FC Winday, to mention but a few.

Other sports that are also covered by slot machine makers include baseball, hockey, boxing, sumo wrestling, skiing, and even the Olympics. These slot machines are geared towards those who love sports in general, but these can actually be played by anyone who loves slots and who love the thrill of winning from the spin of the reels.