UKGC Looking to Start Online Gambling Reforms

Date Created: Apr 09
Written by Jerico

With more and more people gravitating towards online casino gaming as a way to pass the time, it is but normal for the UKGC to look for solutions to curb this. One such solution that the UK Gambling Commission has announced and will be implementing is the restriction of credit cards used in gambling. The introduction of such a measure comes at an opportune time since a huge influx of players is seen due to the stay-at-home orders due to the coronavirus scare.

The restriction of credit card use is but one of the measures that the commission is looking to use to address the issue of problem gambling. Another measure that they are looking to impose is the setting of mandatory loss limits on video slot machines for UK players. While those outside the UK can still enjoy playing video slots despite huge losses, those inside the UK will be required to have a set monthly loss limit for online gambling before they are allowed to play. These limits will be set by the player and will be strictly adhered to once set.

If a player wants to change their loss limits after this has been set, the request will be reviewed before the player is given a chance to change their limit. Even then, it will take seven days of waiting and a call from a gambling review team before they can actually increase their monthly loss limit. This is to ensure that no one sinks into massive debt during the lockdown due to idle time and the availability of online slots as a pastime.

Also worth noting is that the UKGC has funnelled funds to the GambleAware program, which is a charity that helps problem gamblers deal with their addiction. This charity was given £9 million in funds to help with their gambling treatment and support services, which will be very useful in the coming months due to the increase in online gambling activity due to lockdown measures in the UK.