What to Expect from the Gaming Industry in 2020

Date Created: Dec 25
Written by Jerico

The online casino gaming industry is a robust goldmine ripe with limitless opportunities. Online gambling is increasing at a steady and consistent rate with considerable figures culled from intensive research indicating that it is an industry that has proven to be recession-proof.

And as the years pass on by, innovations keep on popping up to help give the millions of punters taking part, the best gaming experience possible. These trends have resulted in the impressive growth of the online casino industry, and from the sound of the things we have listed down below, it can head to 2020 looking forward to bigger and much better things.

All that being said, here are the things that punters can expect from the online casino gaming industry in 2020.

1) More Adults Will Get Involved in Gaming

Do you remember the time when video games were played primarily by kids and teenagers? Well, those days are long gone. These days, more and more adults utilize video games as a means to unwind and relax. Recent research shows that the average age of male players is 33 and the average age of female players is 37.

2) Online women gamblers

In line with the entry above, the year 2020 will see casino game developers focus less on making products for the male demographic. Recently there has been a shift, and now there are more appealing and welcoming features that are attractive to women.

Research shows that women are showing more and more interest in casino gaming and are making a killing in the industry. The general societal change has been a welcome breath of fresh air as it has seemingly helped detoxify the industry. Gender-neutral casino trend is sure to continue building its dominance in 2020 and the years to come.

3) Browser Games to Become More Prevalent

While the last few years only saw browser games as small apps that players could use to amuse themselves while killing time, things made a radical turn in years past. Because of new third-party apps and technologies used to make browsers faster and better, games we play in the browser got better as well.

As a result, people got more interested in playing games on a platform that doesn’t demand a lot of resources and allows them to sync game progress with different devices. Furthermore, we are also starting to see browser games breach the platform barrier.

4) Improved VR Technology

Speaking of virtual reality (VR), because of improved VR headsets ​​and more games that are designed exclusively for this platform, players have the great opportunity to enjoy the much-improved virtual experience. Not to mention, the prices for new headsets and accessories are becoming a lot more affordable than in years past. The big players in the industry (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR, and others) are set to release new products, with better features, and a stronger focus on quality and portability.

5) Better VR and AR Games

With enhanced technology, players can also expect better and more creative games! Until now, the focus was trained on first-person shooting games, but access to better technology also seems to spark the creativity of game developers. In 2019, games in VR appeared to veer away from male-dominated worlds and move into more exciting areas that gave players the chance to explore and utilize their own creative style. Not only that, but graphics card producers are vowing a surge in quality that would take virtual worlds and augmented reality to a new level.

6) The Use of Alternate Payment Options

Different online casinos are already exploring some online casino trends expected in 2020. One such trend that is expected to stay solid and even advance in the years to come is virtual currency transactions. Online casino gambling has allowed punters to utilize virtual money while gaming. It lessens the risk of carrying cash around.

7) Evolving Marketing Strategies

Direct mailing is the most repetitive marketing strategy used to entice new punters. Vendors are now making use of smart device applications to tap into the e-market. To draw in the vast number of millennials, developers are shifting their marketing strategies to provide more information and create amusing adverts through social media.

And as mentioned above, casinos have traditionally directed their marketing strategies towards the male demographic. However, with the invention of the smartphone and other trends, more women are enjoying online casinos and their apps. Similarly, more males are playing Bingo despite it being dominated by females in the past. These trends have caused marketing of online casinos to change and appeal to both sexes on equal levels, or even the development of online casinos exclusive to female players online.

8) Distinct Welcome Bonuses

These bonuses are typical when it comes to most online casinos. But with so many gambling companies are now competing to stay relevant or even stand out among punters, they are now looking into various ways to make themselves more attractive to punters. One such method is by offering a welcome bonus wherein they offer free spins, deposit bonus as well as other incentives that lure punters to sign up to their site. In 2020, punters are expecting these micro-trends around the welcome bonuses to become better and perhaps more creative.

9) Evolving Consumer Gambling Habits

When discerning online casino markets, it’s fairly easy to see the clear evolution in the gaming behaviors of punters everywhere. Gambling apps, as well as social gambling, are becoming more prevalent. These are among the many factors that are trending in the gambling market and the industry can expect to see this continue in the year 2020. Consumers enjoy playing for free, and developers are taking this opportunity to make sure that punters are getting what they are after. Mobile device adoption is evident, and there’s been a surge in innovation in mobile gambling games, leading may players to take part and thrive in the said platform.

10) 5G Wireless Technology Set to be Introduced in Major Cities

5G wireless technology will bring players faster download speeds and much-improved connections in particular locations, especially the larger UK metros. The technology has already been worked on and perfected in some Asian regions and is going to be implemented in the UK very, very soon. In the online casino world, faster and more reliable internet speeds can only be a good thing as it allows punters to play at online casinos, and enjoy the graphics, game mechanics and interface seamlessly and without any lags.

11) Crypto Expected to Dominate the Gambling World

Cryptocurrency will continue to dominate the gambling industry with many online platforms accepting crypto this year. From deposits, withdrawals, and gameplay in Bitcoin and other digital currencies, many people enjoy and actually choose to run with these transactions because of the inherent security and anonymity.

However, traditional payments will still remain a viable option for the biggest gambling sites, but for now, cryptocurrencies are gradually replacing these old methods because many players want to remain anonymous and untraceable especially with something as sensitive an activity as gambling. On top of that, the additional security of crypto gives consumers more peace of mind as the chances of identity theft and hacking are considerably reduced. Thus, crypto has grown to become the prime and ideal choice for punters and will continue to be this way for the years to come.

12) The Development of More Interactive Games

Online casinos are not seeing great returns on slot games as younger players elect to go for games that require more skill. This means more online casinos are prioritizing the development of new games that feature better graphics and even arcade-style games. This trend is also present in land-based casinos where floor space is valued on the games’ returns.

13) The Availability of Games Even in Restricted Gaming Areas

Because cryptos brought to the gambling world anonymity and it is virtually untraceable because people do not tie in their personal information with this digital currency, this has given many players from all over the world the chance to access and play in online gambling games in localities that were initially restricted and outlawed.

Places that have banned physical casinos have seen a rise in online gambling sites because of the protection accorded by cryptocurrency. For example, a country like Taiwan that has stringent regulations is now seeing a rapid growth of online gambling sites that take cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment.

Sites like Online Casino TW engage Taiwanese players to peruse and enjoy gaming through a variety of online casinos that accept Bitcoin. This growing demand will keep on improving over the next couple of years as online casinos grow confident to push for promotion and for expansion in these areas. Tapping this underserved market is now given primary concern because of the large volume of possible revenue that can be taken from these markets.

14) Playing with Live Dealers

Studies have shown that a lot of players prefer a realistic real live casino from their homes. They enjoy an engaging “real, live” dealer, which is the main reason they started this particular gaming habit, while never having to leave the house. Thus, more online casinos are taking this information and using it to gain leverage for the benefit of their online sites.

Aside from that, they beef up the same angle in the brick and mortar casino as well. For example, the use of dynamic, lively dealers in games like Blackjack and Baccarat are prevalent with online casinos and many real casinos focus their efforts on providing engaging dealers on the casino floor. Ever since the casino industry began, consumers have always been drawn to dealers who possess quick wit and charm. There is just something about this human interaction that makes it enticing for people to play more and stay longer. With advanced technology, dealers look real and just as engaging online as they are in real life.

15) The Decline of Land-Based Casinos

Obviously, the rise of online casino gaming has greatly impacted their land-based counterparts, with the latter facing a rapid decline. There has been a decrease in rates in 2019, especially since people have to make an effort to make their way down to a real casino. These brick and mortar casinos are focused in one particular area, such as Las Vegas or the Jersey Shore. And so, people have to spend a lot of money as well as time making their way to these casinos long before they can even sit at a table.

Because of this, consumers are electing to save their transport and other incidental expenses, and they channel these figures to online gaming where they can use their money for bets, instead. Online casinos have the advantage because they offer more privacy and more convenience to their players. On top of that, online casinos also offer a better and more vibrant gaming experience. Some online casinos have numerous games to offer that players are hard-pressed to choose. These games even go through regular upgrades, so clients are always sure to enjoy their experience. This is something that land-based casinos cannot compete with because of their limited games.

16) More Engaging Gaming Systems

With the competition for consumers heating up, online casinos are putting more emphasis on delivering the best content to meet and possibly exceed their clients’ expectations. Thanks to technological advancement, users can access entertaining and engaging online games in a more luxurious lounge setting through touch-enabled kiosks, wall panels, and tables. Interactive gaming systems have the power to combine the popularity of online and social gaming and the real casino floor.


Popular games such as video slots, live casino games, lotteries among others are experiencing major shifting trends. The trends are taking online gambling by storm, which is music to the ears of online players all over the world.