Win Big with These 5 Sports Betting Sites

Date Created: Feb 19
Written by Jerico

There are many ways for you to make money online, and these include gambling sites that let you win real money with your bets. Betting on sports gambling sites will allow you to bet and win huge amounts of money without the need to find a booker near you. In fact, betting on sports betting sites online is now so common that there are actually hundreds for you to choose from.

Betting on sports is one of the oldest forms of gambling around. In fact, it has been noted that sports betting has actually been around for over 2,000 years. Sports betting actually began with the Greeks which then spread to Rome, and then to the rest of the world.

The Basics of Sports Betting and Sports Betting Sites

If you are new to sports betting, you need to understand that this form of gambling requires more than just placing your wager on your favorite team to win. It also involves a bit of forethought, some research, and careful understanding of the different kinds of bets that you can make on online sports betting sites.

When betting real money on sports betting sites, the first thing you need to do is to find reliable sites that allow you to do this. These sites, much like their real-life and casino counterparts, are called sportsbooks. If you don’t have access to a local bookie or a casino that allows sports betting, then your best choice and the easiest one of all is to use an online sports betting portal.

In choosing an online sports betting portal to trust with your money, there are a few things you need to consider. Reputation and security are two of the most important details you need to research when it comes to sports betting sites. Since you will be providing these sites with your credit card information, you need to ensure that their deposit and withdrawal methods are secure and safe.

You also need to ensure that the bets you make on these sites are actually noted and made without a glitch. If you make a bet and it does not register properly on the site’s system, you might end up losing the money that you bet, not to mention lose out on the chance to win on such a bet. This is why researching the site that you are to trust is important before you start betting.

The bets that you make and the amount that you win from these bets are dependent on the odds that are on these sportsbooks. You will need to carefully scrutinize the odds and research the pairings of the teams that you are betting on. Always remember, the higher the odds, the bigger the amount you can win but the slimmer the chances of winning.

The different kinds of bets that you can make when you bet on sports online include moneyline bets, point spread bets, and totals bets. To help you understand these different kinds of sports bets, here is a simple explanation for each:

Moneyline – this is the most popular and easiest to understand of all sports betting options. You simply bet on which team will win, and the amount you win is dependent on the odds that are found on the moneyline. If you bet $100 on a +$150 moneyline, and you win the bet, you get to keep the $100 that you bet and you also win the additional $150 that is indicated on the moneyline. For negative moneylines, if the amount indicated is -$150, you have to bet $150 to stand a chance of winning $100 over your initial bet.

Point Spread – this is another bet that is popular in the US and is often used to wager on basketball and football games. This is a more complex form of betting and involves the addition and subtraction of points to the real score of the winning team to see whether or not you win the bet. Aside from this, you will also be subject to varying bets for this mode of betting, with the usual system having you risk $110 to win $100, unless stated otherwise.

Totals – this is the simplest of all bet forms in sports betting, and is sometimes called over/under bets because of the fact that you bet one team scores a specific number of points over or under their opponent’s points. The betting system here is same as that of point spread, where the most common bet is $110 risk for $100 win.

Best Sportsbooks to Trust Your Bets With

To ensure that your first foray into sports betting is not met with disaster and you are guaranteed that your money is in good hands, you need to find the most reliable sports betting sites online. There are hundreds of sites for you to choose from, so finding the best that you can trust with your bets can be difficult. To help you out, here are five of the most trustworthy sports betting sites in the US:

Bovada Sportsbook – this is one of the best, if not the best, sportsbooks online in the US today. It is said to have the best reputation in the industry, and for good reason. It is one of the few sportsbooks online that has a 50% Bonus of up to $500 for new accounts. It is a site that covers almost all types of sports, which includes NFL, NBA, NHL, WNBA, and Nascar. It also covers sports such as tennis, golf, boxing, MMA, and soccer.

Deposits can be made using Bitcoin, Mastercard, Visa, and Amex. Withdrawals can be made via Bitcoin, bank transfer, and check delivered to your doorstep. Deposits come with a minimum and maximum, as do withdrawals. Bets also come with minimum and maximum amounts, with minimum wagers made online having a minimum of $1 and those made by phone having a minimum of $50.

5-Dimes Sportsbook - another big name in the sports betting arena is this online company that is based out of Costa Rica. This sportsbook comes with a variety of bonuses that are dependent on the kind of account that you make. For example, if you choose to make a super saver account, you get expanded parlay payouts and a -107 pricing. If you choose to create a reduced juice account, you will save money on each wager since you won’t be asked to overpay on bookmaking commissions.

This online sports betting portal allows you to make deposits via the usual Bitcoin, Visa, and Mastercard options. It also allows you to make deposits via money order and person-to-person transfer. Withdrawals can be done using Bitcoin, cashier’s check sent to your address, money order, and bank wire. You can also deposit and withdraw using sportsbook transfers from other major sportsbooks you have funds in.

BetOnline Sportsbook – also worth considering when you are thinking of entering the world of sports betting online is this option that has been around since 2001. Considered one of the more forward-thinking sportsbooks online, BetOnline is one of the few that accepts other cryptocurrencies for deposits. It is also one of the sites that has the most number of deposit and withdrawal options for you to choose from. Aside from cryptocurrencies, this site also allows the use of wire transfer, check, Skrill, Neteller, and person-to-person transactions for both withdrawals and deposits.

This site has a 50% freeplay signup bonus, with a maximum bonus amount of $1,000. You can also take advantage of their Bonus for Life promo, which allows you to claim an extra 50% bonus on every successful reload, with up to $1,000 in freeplays up for grabs with this promo. This sportsbook allows members to bet on some of the more popular sports around, and these include the NFL, NBA, NCAA football and basketball, NHL, MLB, and WNBA, to mention but a few.

Bookmaker Sportsbook – considered one of the best sportsbooks around, this portal allows players to enjoy a variety of bonuses that include new signup bonuses, reload bonuses, loyalty rewards, and special promotions. These make this sportsbook site a joy to use since it gives account holders more chances to bet due to the bonuses that can be gained in many different ways. For example, when it comes to new accounts, players can enjoy up to $1,000 in cash bonuses for deposits that are made to the account.

Deposits to accounts on this sports betting site can be done in many different ways. Aside from a long list of cryptocurrencies that include Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin, and Ripple, you can also deposit funds into your account via Neteller, Bank draft, person-to-person, and bank wire. Withdrawals can be made via your debit card, Bitcoin, bank draft or check, bank wire, and Neteller. Unlike most betting sites, this site focuses mainly on football and basketball for their bets.

Heritage Sportsbook – another sports betting site worth trying your luck on is this site that has been around since 2001. Also based in Costa Rica, this sportsbook is known for its unique player programs that offer new players amazing bonuses and incentives for their deposits. There is a 50% sign up bonus that gives you a maximum of $250 in cash bonuses for your account. There is also a bonus for those who deposit funds via Bitcoin, however this is exclusive to old and existing customers of the site.

This sportsbook can be played by those in the US but is restricted to those who live in Australia, the UK, France, and its home base of Costa Rica. The currencies that this site accepts for deposits include a variety of cryptocurrencies such as Etherium, Litecoin, Bitcoin, and Dash, as well as US dollar deposits made via Visa, Cashier’s check, and bank transfers. Withdrawals can also be made using Bitcoin, person-to-person transactions, cashier’s check, and Skrill.

Other Notable Sports Betting Sites to Consider and Why

Aside from these five popular sports betting sites, there are others that are considered notable choices that are also trustworthy. These include sites such as Pinnacle Sportsbook, Bet 365, William Hill Sportsbook, and Ladbrokes Sportsbook. Some of these can be legally played in the US while others are made for use by those in the UK. Not all of these sites can be used by both areas, so careful scrutiny of each option will help you find the best sports betting sites for your region.

The reason why these sites made the list is because of their security, ease-of-use, betting options, and fair payouts. These are also chosen by sports betting enthusiasts because of their great customer service, most of which are available to customers all hours of the day and all days of the week. Other reasons cited by bettors for choosing these particular sites for their sports betting needs include the easy-to-use platforms that these come in, the great bonuses that can be had even by those who have been members for a long time, and the types of sports that they can bet on.

Some of these sports betting sites are also associated with online casinos, which is why some people choose these over others. An example of one sports betting site that has a casino that players can enjoy slots and other casino games in when they don’t feel like betting on sports games is Bodog Sportsbook. This site even gives members a casino bonus that gives them up to $600 in bonus cash for casino gameplay and even more bonuses when certain cryptocurrencies are used when money is being deposited.

The choice of online sportsbook you sign up for is dependent on the kind of sports you want to bet on. Not all sites have the same sports that you can wager on, so you should check first before signing up. You should also place an emphasis on the other perks that you get from them when choosing which one to register on. You also need to make sure that security is high on the sites that you choose and that they offer sterling customer service for when you need some things checked out or have complains to make regarding glitches and unpaid bonuses.