Top 10 Most Addictive Casino Games You Can Find or Link on Facebook

Date Created: Mar 07
Written by Jerico

If you have a Facebook account, you know for a fact that you will find all types of games on this social media giant. These games range from puzzle games to farming games to interactive games to turn-based fighting games. When you want to find games to play for free, Facebook is the place to find it.

For those who love casino gaming, Facebook also has quite a selection for you to choose from. The casinos that you can play on this social media platform include cartoon-like ones that allow you to walk your avatar all over the casino floor to find the games you want to play. There are also online casino games that you can download in app form on your mobile device which you can then link to your Facebook account.

Some of the more popular casino games that you can play on your mobile devices or even on your PC cannot be found as a game on Facebook, but you can create an account on these games using your FB account. This allows you to save your progress on the game and to find like-minded individuals on the social media portal to become friends with. This also helps the developers of these games to reach out to their audience and offer them freebies, rewards, updates, and other similar perks.

There are a lot of casino games online that you can play using your Facebook account or link with it. Here are ten of the most popular ones:

Hit it Rich – One of the casino games that Facebook users seem to gravitate towards is this one created by one of the most prolific games developers on the social media portal, which is Zynga. The game is Hit It Rich Casino. This casino game features numerous slot machines that you can play on your PC and on your mobile device. The game has tournaments, a starting bonus, contests, achievements, and other stuff that encourage you to play more.

This casino game carries slot machines that have very familiar characters that people are sure to love, such as Dorothy and Toto of the Wizard of Oz, and Willy Wonka of the movie with the same name. There are also slot machines with celebrities on them like those with Steve Harvey, characters of Star Trek, Elvira, and many more. If you run out of tokens to play with, you can purchase them from the game with bonuses to keep on spinning.

Jackpot Party – made by online gaming giant, SG Interactive, this slot machine gaming portal is also one of the favorites of Facebook gamers worldwide. When played on your computer, you will be given free coins to start with in their daily bonus wheel. You can also download this game in app form on your phone via the Play Store and take with you anywhere you go.

The game has lots of slot machines that you need to unlock as you play along. You can choose between video slots and a selection of classic slots that come in a variety of themes. Some of the themes you will find on this casino gaming portal on Facebook include Greek mythology, oriental, cartoons, and cowboy themes. The slot machines, when played on your PC, can be somewhat difficult to play since you have to scroll down to access the spin buttons. Playing via your mobile device is easier.

Texas Hold Em – another popular game from Zynga is this poker game that allows you to play against other gamers from all over the world. This game began captivating gamers in 2007 and has since become a steady favorite among poker lovers. The great thing about this Facebook accessible poker game is you can choose who to play with.

You can play poker in a variety of ways. You can play as a casual player, in a tournament, or with others in VIP lounges. You can even create a room where you can play poker with friends from around the world in relative privacy. You can compete with your friends via the game’s ranking system, which shows you who in your friend’s list has more wins than anybody else.

Big Fish Casino – Also popular on this social media portal is this casino gaming app that lets you play a lot of different casino games. The Big Fish Casino game on Facebook, which is also downloadable as an app on your phone, lets you play a lot of the popular games you find in a regular casino. These include blackjack, craps, roulette, and other games that people enjoy playing in a real casino.

The most popular games on this portal, of course, are the slot machines. While you can play for free on this FB casino, with the free tokens and coins that they give you at the beginning, you might need to pay for additional tokens and coins to continue playing when your stash runs out. You can, however, try to find promo codes online that allow you to continue playing for free. Some of the coupon codes you can find on some websites give you additional 20,000 to 35,000 coins.

Double Down Casino – another casino game that you can also play card games and table games on via your phone or PC is this game from Double Down Interactive. This game allows you to play lots of casino games that include video poker, roulette, blackjack, and slots. Some of these games you can play together with other players from around the world, like the blackjack games that are actually live and played with a timer.

The game does not allow real money withdrawals since people cannot bet real money in it. It does, however, allow players to buy tokens that they can continue playing with when they run out of the initial coins that they are given. If you don’t want to spend money on the game, you can stop playing when you run out and come back the next day for your daily chip bonus.

Slotomania – another casino gaming portal on Facebook that allows you to play slot machine games to your heart’s content on either your phone or PC is this game from Playtika. The game has its own site where you can play the game directly via your PC or you can choose to download it on your phone or other mobile devices. The game gives you a starting amount of 40,000 coins and gives you additional coins every three hours. The amount you get is dependent on your luck though.

As a starting player on this game, you will have access to only one machine. You can gain access to the other machines as you level up. You are also given quests to gain special bonuses and rewards. While the game can be linked to your Facebook account, you are given the option to sign in via your email address.

Bingo Blitz – if you love bingo games, then you will love Bingo Blitz. This is one of the more popular online bingo gaming portals that you can link with your Facebook account. Linking the app with your Facebook account lets you save your progress and connect with other gamers that love this game just as much as you do. Developed by Buffalo Studios, this game has been around since 2010 and lets you gain bingo tokens as you win in the different city themed rooms that you enter.

Much like most games on Facebook, you need to level up to gain access to the other rooms that are in the game. You also gain access to bonus rooms that allow you to win power-ups. If you run out of coins to play with, you can purchase some or you can wait for your daily bonus every day so you can continue playing. There are also free daily tournaments that allow you to win free game tokens and powers ups, but each person is limited to only 5 daily tournament rounds per day.

3D Slots – slot machine games are some of the most popular on this social media portal, and primarily because these are so easy to play. This slot machine gaming portal that you can link to your Facebook account is one example of games that allow you to play for free but can also be played with real money. Of course, you need to check for restrictions in your area before you can actually gamble for real on this gaming portal.

The slot machines from this developer are, as the name implies, 3-Dimensional. Choose from a variety of themes that are sure to make you enjoy playing. The graphics alone keep gamers entertained and the huge weekend jackpots keep players engaged and coming back for more. The biggest jackpot to date for this game is 1 million coins, which is called the game’s Weekend Bonus.

myVegas Slots – also popular among Facebook users who love playing casino games online is this slot machine portal that does more than just let people play a selection of slot machines for free. This game, which is developed by PlayStudios, allows players to actually earn freebies that they can claim in Las Vegas. Yes, you read that right. Some gamers have actually been able to claim free meals, free rooms, and other freebies from casinos on The Strip by winning these on this slot machine gaming portal that you can link to your Facebook Page.

If you search online, you will find some players actually posting guides about this, telling you how you can get a free trip to Vegas, complete with free meals, free rooms, and a free tour, all by simply playing the slot machine games on this app. There are rooms that you can claim for free via the points that you accumulate on this app, there are unlimited ride passes, discounts, show tickets, and buffet passes that you can get via the points you accumulate on this game.

Caesar’s Casino – if you want to play more than just slot machines on your Facebook page or via your phone, this is one choice you can use to do just that. Caesar’s Casino is a social casino gaming portal that allows you to play nine different casino games. As the name implies, it is a Greek-themed casino but the games are not just based on Greek mythology or use Greek symbols. The game actually has a lot of popular icons on their games and slot machines.

At the start of your game, you will be given 500 coins and a bonus that can increase your money to more than 1000 coins. As with most online casino games, some of the options are closed to you until you level up. Gain access to these other games by continuing to play and by leveling up. If you want faster gaming, it is better to download the app to your phone and to have a fast internet connection. Playing this game on your PC opens you up to slow loading times and lots of pop-ups.

These are ten of the more popular casino-themed games that you can play on your PC or on your mobile device. Most of these, as you might have already noticed, are slot machine portals that have numerous slot machine choices for you to pick from. If you play mostly on your tablet or on your phone, it is best if you download the app for this rather than try to play it on your mobile browser. You get better gameplay and faster response times with this option.

Of course, when you play these games always remember that these are not real money games. While there are some that do allow for real money gaming, most of these are just social and made for fun. These simulate real casino games but should not be used for real gambling. Playing responsibly should always be your mantra when you play these casino games on Facebook.